Disc Reading Bug Appears In PS4 Firmware 2.55, But Has A Simple Solution

It turns out that the patch notes for this week’s PlayStation 4 Firmware 2.55 update weren’t quite correct. In addition to improving “System software stability during use of some features”, it’s also introduced a rather odd little disc reading bug.

Threads have popped up on the likes of Reddit, the PlayStation Community and NeoGAF complaining of PlayStation 4s no longer being able to read freshly inserted discs until the console is restarted, which then results in the triple beeps that signify a console crash. Indeed, we’ve been able to replicate the issue on a couple of our own PS4s since the update, and performed a before and after test today in to narrow it down to a software issue.


We’ve also been able to confirm some specific circumstances in which the bug presents itself. It only seems to present itself when waking the console from rest mode by using the disc eject button on the front of the machine. Should you do so, inserting a disc again then only causes the drive to spin up, but the PS4 doesn’t recognise the disc until restarted. The solution, then, is just to wake the console up with a controller or with the power button and reach the main PS4 menu before you eject your disc. It really is as simple as that.

While this bug is limited to quite specific circumstances, which will likely explain how it was able to sneak past Sony’s QA department, and might not even be a universal issue, just be aware that a simple restart of your console and slight change in your disc changing behaviour is all that’s needed if you do find yourself affected.



  1. Lucky that Driveclub live in my disc drive for the time being then

    • Since the firmware update I’ve had a problem with waking up DriveClub, there’s no connection to their servers. I have to restart the game for it to work properly.

  2. I’ve noticed this bug myself. Your workaround only works if you wait a minute after waking it. I found turning on with controller then ejecting disc and swapping still caused the ps4 to not read the disc if you eject the disc before the system has fully started up. So turn on, wait until full start up had finished, then eject disc for best results.

    • Yeah, it’ll probably be best to wait until you get to the main menu. I’ve updated the post to reflect.

  3. I came across it when I got Arkham Knight right after the 2.55 update. Was waiting and waiting for the installation to start and thought I’d got a dodgy disc. Full system shutdown and all was fine.

    • Same here. I always have a worry though when the system does it’s full checks and a slow bot after such a issue, one day it will not come back up.

  4. Had wondered why I hadn’t encountered this myself, as I have been swapping discs quite often recently (bit of SRIV here, bit of Destiny there etc), but I never put my PS4 into rest mode.

  5. Oooooh I had that! Thought my PS4 was on the way out so good news.

  6. Anyone getting a random sound fail on driveclub? I was checking the new dlc last night and all of a sudden all sound ceased, when I went back to the home screen it all kicked back in again again, very odd to say the least

    • Yea I had this, although i’ve only just got a PS4 and DC and Headphones so I thought I was doing something wrong.

  7. Yep this freaked me out as a new PS4 owner.

  8. Ah the memories :D

  9. I had this when I updated the firmware. Shit my pants then swore a lot. Then turned off and restarted and all was fine. Phew! Interestingly though, I wasn’t in rest mode as I never use it.

  10. I’m not sure this is a new thing. I experienced something very similar not long after the PS4 was released where I’d put discs in and it just wouldn’t detect them. Reboots sorted it and after a couple of incidents it stopped happening.

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