Jade Raymond Founds EA’s New Motive Studios

Once one of the people at the helm of some of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, Jade Raymond moved on from the gaming giant towards the end of last year. However, she’s now back in the video games business, at the head of EA’s freshly founded Motive Studios in Montreal.

However, her new studio won’t be working in isolation, with Bioware Montreal not far away, and while she works to build up a new pool of creative talent, their first project will be to work alongside the team at Visceral Games working on their still unnamed Star Wars game.


She wrote on the Motive Studios page:

In addition to building the new Motive Studio in Montreal, I will also oversee the Visceral studio in California. I’m a huge fan of the games that have come out of Visceral and I feel honoured to be working with such a talented team led by studio GM Scott Probst. I’ve also known Amy for years and have admired her work on the Uncharted games! I’m thrilled that the first big project that we will work on in Montreal will have Amy as Creative Director. An opportunity to work with her and the Visceral team, and to play in the Star Wars universe, is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

Of course, this does seem to indicate that this particular Star Wars game is still quite some way away, that EA are growing their pool of talent around it is certainly an encouraging show of faith and confidence in what they will be able to do.

Source: EA Motive Studios



  1. I hope the new studio does well, she’s a very creative person.

    • But as anyone who has worked in the corporate world will testify, her creativity is irrelevant as she is running the studio so won’t have any hands on work at all.. At best there may be some high level project management, but that’ll be as creative as she’ll be allowed to get.

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