Out This Week: God Of War III Remastered, PGA Tour & Godzilla

Things are looking slightly busier on this week’s release slate. There may not be an overwhelming abundance of game launching over the next few days, but we certainly have some big hitters in the mix as well as a cluster of lower key titles.

Wednesday 15th

  • The Fall [PS4]
  • The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter [PS4]

Friday 17th

  • Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess [PS3 | PS4 | PSV]
  • God of War III Remastered [PS4]
  • Godzilla [PS3 | PS4]
  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour [PS4 | XB1]


The first entry on our list sees one of gaming’s most iconic deities return as gamers relive the breathtaking conclusion to the God of War trilogy. Straddling the back of a titan, his rage untethered, Kratos finally takes the fight to Mount Olympus, where he plans to vanquish the gods once and for all. Even back in 2010, when the game first launched, it offered a level of visual fidelity few games have come to match. However, much like The Last Of Us Remastered, we hope that Bluepoint can turn everything up to eleven thanks to the newer hardware of the PlayStation 4.

Elsewhere on Planet PlayStation we have two exclusives coming straight out of Japan. First up there’s Godzilla from Namco Bandai, a game in which players duke it out across vast cities, taking on the roles of some icon movie monsters. Comes to consoles as well as PlayStation Vita, we also have Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. If you haven’t played Deception before, know this – these games are completely bonkers. Just see for yourself:

There are no digital titles planned for the Nintendo eShop this week but look elsewhere and you’ll be sure to find some downloadable goodies. Topping the menu over on PlayStation Network we have the dark sci-fi adventure game, The Fall, followed by the even darker, more harrowing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Finally, we have a new entry in EA’s long-running PGA sports franchise. One of the biggest changes, if you haven’t spotted it already, is the removal of Tiger Woods from the cover after fifteen years. Having skipped its usual annual release in 2014, PGA Tour is back with Rory McIlroy taking the helm. Other marked improvements for the franchise include its use of the Frostbite engine as well as a gallery of crazy fictional golf courses.

That’s just about it for this week. As always, let us know what you’ll be keeping an eye out.



  1. Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour is actually released on Thursday for some strange reason,I wonder if it’s because the actually tournaments run from Thursday’s to Sunday’s.

  2. Vanishing of Ethan Carter looks interesting, i might check reviews first but will probably pick that up.

  3. Godziiiilllla!

    Was looking forward to just the ps3 version but will have to pick up the ps4 now – donkey or not.

  4. I want God of War III on PS4, but I had all the games on PS3. Now I feel it’s like starting the collection all over, out of order and without certainty that I’ll have them all on the same platform again.

    So I’ll likely hold off for a while.

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