Yager Dropped As Dead Island 2 Developers By Deep Silver

In a short statement released last night, Deep Silver announced that Yager Development would no longer be the developers of Dead Island 2. The statement read:

With Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has always been dedicated to delivering the sequel that Dead Island fans deserve.

After careful consideration, today we announce the decision to part ways with development partner Yager.

We will continue working towards bringing our vision of Dead Island 2 to life, and we will share further information at a later stage.

Having been announced last year, Yager were set to take on the mantle of the Dead Island series after the original creators, Techland, had moved on to developing Dying Light. At that point, the game was originally pencilled in for release during Q2 2015, but at the very last possible moment, Deep Silver admitted that the game was to be delayed.


With Yager no longer involved in the project, it seems as though Dead Island 2 is currently without a developer, and its future is very unclear.

Source: Deep Silver, via Gematsu



  1. Would have been more concerned if Dying Light hadn’t been such a brilliant replacement.

    I hope DI2 will see the light of day, of course – and that everyone at Yager still have their jobs.

    • I feel like Dying Light had a very real impact with the above decision. Perhaps Deep Silver (and Yager) have no real idea how to pull the Dead Island franchise along (and up a notch).

      • True… But I would be happy with more of the same, as long as it was current gen quality :)

      • Agreed with that. Tighten a few things up, spruce up the graphics. Release. That’d be me happy. :-)

  2. Now Yager go make Spec Ops 2, The Line was one of the most underrated last gen game.

    • +1! Spec Ops was one of the best surprises ever!

    • I agree, but technically it would be Spec Ops 12. The Line was something like the eleventh game in that series.

  3. Odd. Would it be too surprising to see Techland return?

    • That would be a massive surprise. Techland went on record about how Deep Silver were holding them back and gimping things, whereas Dying Light has been a real success for them since they moved away from them (both financially and creatively).

      However, I’d love to see the Dead Island franchise flourish as I had a lot of fun with the first two outings.

  4. Shame. Quite liked the less serious, more tongue in cheek route they seemed to be taking it in as well.

    Guess I’ll need to wait for a Dead Rising game to come to PS4 for my fill of that now (& who knows if/when that’ll happen?). :(

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