Ubisoft Finally Confirm ZombiU Ports For PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s been rumoured and leaked a number of times over the last few months, but Ubisoft’s ZombiU has finally been confirmed for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and being rebranded quite simply as Zombi in the process. Not only that, but it’s shuffling towards its digital only release on August 18th.


One of the flagship launch titles for the Wii U, ZombiU dropped players into a zombie-infested rendition of London, trying to get as far as they possibly could through the city and with persistence from one life to the next in being able to find and collect all the kit a previous character had within the world. It was easily one of the more innovative and well received games on the console, but didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel.

So it’s great to see it revived for other platforms, but ZombiU was designed with the unique dual screen capabilities of the Wii U in mind, for real time inventory management, interacting with world items and so forth. It will be fascinating to see how those are translated to platforms without a second screen to make use of.

Source: press release



  1. Ugh, digital only? I’m out.

    … At least until it appears on plus.

  2. Concidering I’m a Wii U owner who hasn’t bothered picking this up, I don’t see myself doing it on another platform either.

  3. If it’s priced sensibly I could see this selling decently. Maybe £15.

    • Yeah, there was no mention of price in the release.

  4. “It will be fascinating to see how those are translated to platforms without a second screen make use of.”

    Actually, PS4 and Xbox One have smartphone apps that can support second screen. You can even use the Vita on PS4 for second screen.

    • They do, but those aren’t things which can be relied on being present as you can with the Wii U’s touchscreen. Additionally, you’d have a controller in hand and a tablet or phone in your lap, which is less than intuitive when you need to make that particular item in just a matter of seconds. The Vita would be better, but has fewer buttons, a smaller touch screen and and even smaller install base.

      In the end, it’s better to create one system that fits all.

  5. I have the wii U version. All I need to do now is buy a Wii U……

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