Free To Play Title Paladins Revealed By Hi-Rez Studios For PC & Consoles

Hi-Rez Studios has announced a new free to play first person shooter called Paladins: Champions Of The Realm for PC and current gen consoles, with the game set to release in 2016. A closed beta is available to register for though that looks like it will be for PC only for now, and you can register your interest on the official site. It will require teamwork for success to be an option.

When entering a game players will have a primary weapon equipped as well as a mount to ride for entering fights quickly.  There will also be combat abilities assigned to characters, as well as customisable skill cards. These cards will allow different abilities to be activated, including boosts to attack power and defensive capability. Those attending gamescom this week will be able to get their hands on Paladins.

Source: Press Release/Official Site 


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  1. Awesome. I’ve been craving a game like this for consoles. Would love to see TF2 and Overwatch on PS4!

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