Microsoft Confirms Backwards Compatibility To Roll Out In November

Microsoft caused quite a stir when it announced that the Xbox One would get backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. At the time of the announcement a general winter 2015 rollout was given, but during the Gamescom conference the publisher confirmed that November would see the feature roll out. Furthermore all future Xbox 360 games on Games With Gold would be available to Xbox One owners as soon as they go live, meaning more content.

Microsoft also announced that you’ll be able to record live TV through the Xbox One, but this would be limited to freeview type channels. These recordings would then be accessible via streaming on other devices that have the Xbox One app, with the option to download them. This update won’t be rolling out until 2016 but you won’t need any kind of subscription as it will be a free addition.



Finally a new chatpad was also announced for the Xbox One, and it will be available on November 3rd for $34.99. The chatpad will also come with a headset included, and the buttons will be backlit too.

Source: Microsoft/Gamescom Conference



  1. TV Recording is a bit of a crazy feature to have. Buy a cheap freeview tuner for Xbox One and you’ve got yourself a free recorder and streamer. Sounds like an extremely better Play TV.

  2. Sony needs to at least let us play the PS + games that we get for PS3, on our PS4s.

    • Looks like they won’t be doing that though.

      Rentals only, seems silly. So it’s either buy a PS3, or rent a game for an extortionate price just to play for a few days.

      Blockbusters went bust due to their out of date rental service, why do Sony think this similar rental scheme will work?

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