Trailer Park Special: Microsoft Gamescom 2015

While Microsoft didn’t have any major new announcements, except for Halo Wars 2, there were trailers galore. Some have already been reported on like Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Homefront: The Revolution, Quantum Break and Dark Souls III. However there were a few more and you can check them out below, from action packed games to downright creepy.

We’ll start with creepy with a new look at We Happy Few.


Killer Instinct Season 3 got announced at the conference too for Xbox One and Windows 10, with Rash from Battletoads being one of the confirmed characters.

Next up on the list is dinosaur survival game ARK Survival Evolved, which is currently in Early Access on Steam but will be coming to Xbox One when it releases properly.

Halo 5 had a huge presence at Microsoft’s show today, with another look at the game’s multiplayer and added modes.

Forza Motorsport is just over a month away from release, so of course Turn10 turned up to give another look at the game, and the weather effects.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a game many people are excited for, with Ubisoft releasing trailers of the various squads in the game. Where better than Germany to take a lot at the German special forces, the Elite Counter Terrorist unit.

Rico will soon be back in the gaming scene properly when Just Cause 3 releases on December 1st, but there is still time to show off some of the madness you’ll be able to experience.

There were a few indies on show too during the [email protected] segment of the conference, and a montage of those was also released.

Finally, a good couple of years ago Cobalt was announced by Mojang and Oxeye Studios, and today Mojang announced it will be released this October.

Source: Videos from GamesHQMedia Youtube Channel


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