Hyper Void Makes The Jump To PS4 On September 8th, Is Morpheus Ready

Hyper Void is a game that is already available for PS3 in North America and Asia, with a European release yet to be carried out. However, all PS4 owners will have the chance to pick up the shoot ’em up on September 8th as  IN|Framez Technology has chosen to release the game on the platform. The studio has also confirmed that Hyper Void is Morpheus ready, so when the peripheral launches you’ll be able to play the game using Morpheus straight away.


Hyper Void is also set to come to Xbox One and PC, though the release dates are currently unknown. Whether  IN|Framez Technology decides to expand VR support to other headsets is an unknown too, likely depending on the success of the game. There are 29 levels present in Hyper Void, with half of them being boss fights so it won’t be a walk through the park.

Source: PS Blog



  1. nice, has a tempest-like feel to it all! ;)

    • Yeah, very Tempest like, which is no bad thing.
      Looks great in 2D but I reckon it’ll be even better with Morpheus.

      • No bad thing indeed, just don’t say the T word, or lawyers come after you. ;)

        I think Morpheus support may actually harm it though. They’re claiming it’s running at 180fps, but capped at 60 because that’s what TVs do.

        Now, what else could they have done with the power of the PS4 instead of generating an unnecessary 120fps? Throw more graphics at you until your eyeballs melt? Or just waste it on supporting a device which, should it ever be released, is going to cost so much that only 3 people will be playing it that way?

        How long have we got until this Morpheus thing is over and done with? About 18 months? 2 years at most? And then it’ll have launched, failed, and been quietly abandoned?

  2. I don’t really understand how 3rd person games will be displayed in VR. Will we have a floating god like view of the vehicle/character, or will the game be played in a VR theatre?

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