New Trailers For Devil’s Third And Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

For some reason Nintendo have decided to post the launch trailer for Devil’s Third – which isn’t out till the end of the month – right in the middle of all the noise from Gamescom. A rather odd marketing tactic, but it’s here nonetheless.

We also have a new trailer for Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition which will bring couch co-op RPG fun to PlayStation 4 this winter.

Source: YouTube 1/2

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  1. Divinity is a phenomenal game, it really is. I’m on my third play through with AG2297 (Adam) and we’re loving it. I’m not even a turn-based combat fan but it’s stunningly well implemented. The use of elements has us laughing, cackling evilly and pulling our hair out.

    On fire? For god’s sake, don’t run into the poisonous cloud as that’s flammable and you’ll… ah, too late. You’ve killed yourself AND my character. Arses. Reload/resurrect. :D

    Equally, fight looking impossible? Drop the willpower of a couple of bad guys and Charm the buggers so they’re on your side for a few turns. Perfect.

    Hope it turns out to be a belter on the PS4 as it really was one of the best games I’ve played in the last couple of years. Top stuff. :-)

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