Footage Of Hellblade’s Gameplay Shown In B Roll Trailer

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade is a game about Senua and her battle with mental illness, which here manifests as a vision of Hell. Within the game Senua will fight creatures that look to cause her harm, and though the premise sounds good we’ve not seen much of it in action, at least until now. Six minutes of b roll gameplay footage from Gamescom has surfaced.


The footage seems to be near the beginning of the game if the narration is anything to go by. There is a look at combat against some relatively easy looking foes, as well as showing off parts of the scenery. It all looks grey and forlorn, no doubt to replicate the state of Senua’s mind. The combat looks okay and the camera is too close up for my liking, but since this is B roll the final game presentation may be different.

Hellblade will be releasing on PS4 and PC in 2016.

Source: EGYoutube



  1. Combat looks awful, more awful than dark soul games

  2. I’m liking the look of this. I think the most annoying thing is the voices, but I’m guessing they’ll be there all the while seeming they’re voices in her head.

  3. Camera seems way too close for my liking.

  4. I know this game has nothing to do with Heavenly Sword but still, the difference between the two couldn’t be any more stark. I’m still interested but less certain about it, will wait to see more.

    • Iron Man?? What’s he got to do with it? ;)

      • Ha ha, probably not as much as Robb Stark ;)

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