PSN Maintenance To Strike August 18th In The Early Morning

Sony has announced some routine maintenance will be taking place next Tuesday, 18th August, and it won’t be in the evening for those of us in the UK and Europe. Rejoice. Instead this window of maintenance will take place at  04:30 am BST to 06:00 am BST, and as ever if you’re signed in beforehand you won’t be affected. Of course if you’re in North America then it will hit around prime time, while those in Australia will get the maintenance started around 1:30pm AEST until 3Pm AEST.

Sony hasn’t stated what kind of maintenance will be carried out, but hopefully it is something to do with reducing the download speeds of PSN. That’d be grand, Sony.

Source: Sony


  1. Makes a change.

  2. Why would you want download speeds reduced? I would like them to be faster please!

  3. finally hit that proverbial month of sundays.

    watch out for the next occurrence some time in 2021. ^_^

  4. I doubt they’ll increase the download speeds, its sony afterall.

    • Download speeds are pretty good on PS4. Game Install times are unmatched. Most games are ready to go in less than a minute. One of the best features this gen imo.

      • They were really good, but have drastically slowed down over the last couple of months. I’m on a 152mb connection here and no matter what magic dns juju I throw at it now, it barely approaches my old 5mb BT connection speeds.

      • Download speeds have actually improved lately. I was getting 20+Mbps yesterday, which over WiFi and with other things connected and eating away at the speed is very good.

        I’ll assume that weird 152Mb means Virgin Media? A company who have, under several names over the years, become kind of infamous for claiming speeds that while technically correct soon collapse down to those sorts of crap speeds. Terrible company.

      • My download speeds on Steam and other services are lightning quick. It isn’t Virgin that are the issue. I regularly get speeds in excess of 100mb and have done since it was installed 3 years ago. My speeds when downloading from the PSN have plummeted from around 40-50mb to 1-5mb over the last couple of months and I am certainly not alone. The likes of Netflix and other streaming services seem to also be unaffected, on the PS4, which again points to an issue with the PSN.

      • Wasn’t there something recently on how Sony were capping the downloads from the store themselves? May have been speculation of course, but sure I saw something like that.

        I too am on Virgin Media & things outside of the PSN are also fine for me. PSN can be from time to time, but at some junctures it just slows to a crawl for no particular reason & I find that if you pause the download & kick it off again a moment later, it’s much improved. For a bit. Until you need to do it again.

      • Same thing here. I normally find a quick reboot of the PS4 can sometimes give a small speed boost but it normally deteriorates fairly quickly. As I said, it used to be as fast as most other services I use, but lately it is slower than wading through Custard and not the Birds stuff.

      • If you’re getting 5Mb or less from PSN, something’s wrong, I won’t disagree with that.

        But I’ve been getting good speeds from it, as have many others.

        The problem is the assumption that “I get good speeds from service X and bad speeds from service Y, therefore service Y is at fault and not my ISP”. It’s never quite that simple.

        It’s entirely possible it’s a problem with the PSN. But then why do other people get good speeds? Is it not possible the problem lies with the ISP?

        You say you’ve not got a problem with Netflix. Good. But Netflix doesn’t much of a connection, and they have a habit of doing deals with ISPs to make sure you get a decent connection to them. (Their magical box to move the source of all that data closer to you, inside the ISP?)

        With the PSN, you could be trying to download 20GB or more in one go. Not something your ISP is going to be too keen on. Especially one promising stupidly fast speeds without anything in place to support those speeds if everyone decides to take advantage of them.

        Everything points to it not being a PSN problem. Something to do with how the PSN serves up all that data and how ISPs handle that? I’m sure it could easily be fixed if Sony gave Virgin a big pile of money, but why should they? Although that’s effectively what Netflix have done with some ISPs. Serve the content from their box inside the ISP? Save bandwidth and money for both parties that way.

      • So many questions MrYd!

        Someone explained to me over my slow PSN downloads it’s all to do with which server you connect to. Some will be overloaded and others will not be. I think their network doesn’t distribute the connections evenly. Or something like that.

        When you restart a download it connects to a different server, which is why the speed varies. So I was told anyway.

      • Starman that explains why I had dial up speeds for Lara Croft temple of Osiris and about 2MB each for my other two downloads (I forgot what). 2MB being 16mb so 32mb altogether.

  5. Do games really take only a min to download? I’m in Aus, on average something will take about 5 hours!

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