Xbox One DVR To Launch In Just Three Countries

Microsoft’s forthcoming DVR feature for Xbox One will only be available to customers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Continental Europe, Australia, Asia and others are going to have to wait with Microsoft announcing details for the rest of the World “at a later date”.

It was revealed last week that the DVR function would require an external hard drive. “You need an external hard-drive specifically for DVR because we want to keep the [storage] paths optimized between playing games and watching TV,”said project lead Richard Irving. “We don’t want them to interact with each other.”

Source: VG247


  1. Legal bullshit and what I assume is exclusive contracts for existing providers getting in the way of consumers once again. :-(

  2. I think some underestimate how big a task this is. So many different tv providers that they’re going to have to get deals with to de-encrypt and record from. Though saying that it’s something I have little interest in anyway as my tv already records to an external HDD.

    • Sorting out deals with god-knows-how-many providers is always going to be a pain in the arse. It’s just something a consumer wants to see done properly or not at all, I guess.

      The decryption process is straightforward enough once that’s all been sorted out.

  3. One box for the living room? We’re about there now. With this and the tuner you’re all set for standard terrestrial TV.

  4. Must admit this is quite tempting – although I have a dual-tuner DVR it hacks me off most of the time and getting stuff off it to watch elsewhere is a tedious PITA. So I could replace it with this, stream the recorded tv to any other device when the tv is otherwise engaged and get to play a few MS exclusives to boot!

    Although the tuner is cheap I bet they gouge us for the hard drive, so to compensate the price of the base xbone needs to come down a bit more before I’ll jump.

    • They announced a 2tb external HDD for 110 dollars, so probably around the same in the UK. I’m pretty sure you can use any though.

      • That’s good then – if it’s one thing I don’t have a shortage of it’s HDDs!

    • Yeah, I plan to use the 500GB hard drive from my old laptop when I get my enclosure back. I’m hoping USB 2.0 will be fine.

    • My Panasonic pvr servers the live channels and recording up over a dlna server. A word of warning though any recordings off Hd channels are not allowed to be shared as it says they have copyright protection attached. Not sure if it will be the same when trying to stream Hd recordings from an xbox one?

      • My PVR does DLNA too, only problem is there is a conflict between it and Twonkymedia on my NAS which causes the PVR to reset itself within 30s of being brought out of standby. Inconvenient most of the time, but damn annoying if its recording at the same time so I’ve had to disable that. Not to mention that I’ve yet to find a decent streaming app for my mobile devices anyway, hence why I’m now trying plex as an alternative.

        I believe though my PVR does stream HD content, but only to other Humax devices. Presumably the Xbox one will do something similar if you’re using their Smart Glass app as it can essentially guarantee the encryption between sender and receiver, whereas I don’t think most DLNA server/receiver pairs handle encryption.

  5. How to take a cool concept and make it so inconvenient and fragmented nobody uses it: a visual guide by microsoft

  6. Makes sense to roll it out in you most popular markets first.

    Not much use for me really as I already have a Sky+ box but a good feature if you don’t I guess.

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