Rainbow Moon & Rainbow Skies Both Confirmed For PS4

Sidequest Studios has announced it is bringing its 2012 RPG Rainbow Moon to PS4 in 2016, and that will be alongside the sequel Rainbow Skies.  The sequel will come with cross save support on PS4, Vita, and PS3 though such a system for the Rainbow Moon is unlikely. This is down to the fact that Rainbow Moon is getting some improvements added to it over the original release.

These improvements include a better dialogue system that allows up to four characters to speak simultaneously, new cut scenes that add some more story. There have also been more animantions and emoticons added to the PS4 version too. I originally reviewed Rainbow Moon and stated that the lack of a coherent story let it down. That criticism was shared by quite a few others and Sidequest Studios aims to improve that in Rainbow Skies. A more fleshed out story will be present in the sequel.

Source: PS Blog



  1. it’d be cool if it was cross buy as well.

    i just checked, the PS3 and Vita versions weren’t so i’d guess this one won’t either.
    though the DLC was.

    i enjoyed the first game, very grindy, but fun.

    so a sequel will be welcome.

    • Yes, the first game wasn’t cross-buy. But had a discounted bundle for both versions, which is still a bargain. And there might have been very complicated discounts at some point where if you just wanted the Vita version, it was cheaper to buy the PS3 version in a sale and then buy the Vita version (which was half price if you owned the PS3 version).

      It also wasn’t that grindy. New areas might have presented a bit of a challenge at first and required some levelling, but not huge amounts. You weren’t spending hours trying to level up before you could make any progress.

      On top of that, it looked lovely and the battle system had just the right amount of hidden depth. Simple to understand, but with lots of room for advanced tactics you needed for some of the optional bits.

      I’d be very tempted to buy it again if it has a similar 50% discount for owners of the previous versions. And the sequel will definitely be getting my money.

  2. Would rather have Rainbow Islands.

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