Vita Version Of Volume Delayed By A Couple Of Weeks

Volume is scheduled to launch tomorrow in North America and on the 19th in Europe, but this iwill just be for PC and PS4. Mike Bithell has taken to the game’s official site to announce that the Vita version will be delayed by a couple of weeks. He has confirmed that cross buy will remain in place, so if you buy the PS4 version you’ll be able to get the Vita version for no extra cost when it launches.

Unfortunately, we unexpectedly had to make the decision to hold off on the Vita version for a couple weeks to get it where we want it. It’s so very nearly ready, but it needs a little more love. A few personal problems and issues have slowed down our submittal, so even though the game is “done” on Vita, we still have some QA process to go through (because that stuff matters).

Watch out for our review on Volume which will be available to read soon.

Source: Volume Official Site


  1. Mike Bithell + The Sixth Axis = high scoring review

    • He does make exceedingly good games.

      • He’s the Mr. Kipling of videogames.

      • What a weird comment. Firstly, he’s only released one game so far. Secondly, TSA gave it 9/10, as did many other websites.

        I fail to see your point.

      • It was a silly pun, not a serious comment :)

      • Wasn’t stefhutch20 referring to tactical20’s comment though?

        It does come across that it is being implied that they were paid off in some way.

  2. Chill! I’m just on the wind up!

    • Good to know – that kind of thing is hard to get across on the Internet. :)

      • Cool. It’s just TSA & Bithell are FBs is all. :-p

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