Tearaway Unfolded: Special Edition Revealed, Includes Iota Plushie

Media Molecule have revealed details of the Tearaway Unfolded: Special Edition which includes the game, the Torn-Away Pack including an exclusive God of War costume, and a very cute Iota plushie. Aaawww!


I bet you want to get your hands on that don’t you? Well according to Media Molecule “the Special Edition will be available in the following regions: Australia and New Zealand, France, Iberia, Benelux, Norway, Middle East, South Africa.”

So Iberia and Benelux get a special edition but the U.K. doesn’t. That seems a little odd, as does the reveal of an Iota plushie, the original announcement was for “a rare and extremely adorable Atoi plushie”.

Source: Media Molecule


  1. I liked Tearaway on the Vita but I didn’t love it. The whole world being made out of paper felt a bit drab after a while.

    I’ll still check it out on the PS4 but I’m not super hyped about it.

    • The best game for showing what the Vita could do, input wise, and a lovely platformer worthy of its own merit, but a little too long, perhaps. Intrigued as to how that experience will port over to the traditional gaming environment.

  2. TC, their post now says that the list isn’t final. I can’t imagine the Guildford boys and girls leaving us Brits out of the mix :)

    • Oh, wait a minute, Jenny from them MM peoples has commented apologising to someone who said ‘no UK’. Huh, I’m shocked.

  3. It’s a plushie of a papercraft character, I’m not digging it.

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