YouTube Gaming Launches Today

YouTube Gaming launches today on the web and with apps for iOS and Android. The Google owned company is aiming to take a bite out market leader Twitch, owned by Amazon, by offering a portal for all gaming related content, personalized recommendations, and game streaming.

When browsing YouTube Gaming you’ll be able to subscribe to specific channels and find content for specific games. Based on your likes and subscriptions other games will be recommended.

“Together, we all make gaming better,” said Frank Petterson, engineering manager for YouTube Gaming. “Our peers make us better gamers, and games are made better by the communities that surround them.”

The website launches today, 26th August, with the iOS and Android apps rolling out tomorrow in the U.K. and United States, other countries will be added “soon”.

Source: Polygon



  1. I wonder if it wil be added to the console Live streaming apps too, or if we’ll still have to use the youtube app.

    • That leaked list of features for the 3.00 firmware said you could broadcast to YouTube and had some changes to the Live from Playstation app, although it didn’t specifically say streaming from YouTube was included.

      It seems likely then, although not absolutely certain.

      • Hopefully so, the Live app is more instantaneous than using the youtube app.

      • Honestly, the only way for Youtube to gain traction against Twitch is to be built into the consoles in as slick and as centralised a way. You can bet that they’ve been working very closely with MS and Sony in order to do so.

      • Completely agree that they need to hit the ground running with this. Hopefully their experience with current streaming should help.

        Hopefully they will have a new app, as the only time I use YouTube on my TV /ps4 is by using my phone to throw it to the TV.

  2. Well, at least both companies will be able to throw money at their respective streaming networks, seeing as neither of them pay hardly any tax!

  3. Well, it’s live now. And the user interface is not something I was expecting from Google. It’s kind of a hideous mess where they’ve just slapped all the features on screen and left it at that.

    It’s like something from the 1990s but without the hilarious animated under construction gif.

    On the other hand, the streaming seems to work very well. Click on a live stream, it starts instantly. Click somewhere back in time, it starts playing from there. Instantly. Click on “live”, and it jumps back to now and carries on streaming.

    But that UI is terrible.

  4. I’m not liking the UI at all but the streaming quality works well. I’ll be kicking off some stuff this weekend on my channel higherplaingames if anyone’s interested. Will report on how easy it is to use after

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