Until Dawn Stream Archives Are Being Unintentionally Blocked

One of the best new features of the latest generation of console hardware has been the built in ability to stream your gameplay, rather than having to rely on expensive external set ups. But the attempts to share gameplay and looks of shock and horror have been ever-so-slightly stymied within Until Dawn. While you can stream the game from your PlayStation 4, you aren’t currently able to archive the footage.

If you’re using an external capture box, there’s no such problem, and so it initially felt like a particularly ineffective way for Sony to try and prevent spoilers getting out there, but both Sony and Twitch have now revealed that this is in error. Someone, somewhere, seems to have checked the wrong box during Until Dawn’s development to disable stream archiving within the game.

As a Sony spokesperson said to Engadget, “We are currently working on a fix that will enable archiving of Until Dawn Twitch streams as this feature was unintentionally disabled. We are humbled by the community reception of the game and are excited to see fans sharing experiences on Twitch and YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide an update as soon as the issue has been resolved.”


Hopefully it won’t be too long before this is enabled, so those who want to can preserve their experiences within the game’s branching narrative.

Source: ars technica, Engadget