Deadpool Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

I hypothesise that somewhere in the bowels of Activision there is an accountant. He has a big spreadsheet of all their games which shows the ones that almost made money, but just failed to miss their sales targets. These games are now being sent the porters who push the games on to PS4 and Xbox One with little in the way of improvements and at little cost, and the hope is the extra PS4 and Xbox One sales will push the game in to profit.

The explains Prototypes 1 and 2, and now the PS4 and Xbox One release of Deadpool which is coming this November.


The Xbox One and PS4 versions will include all the DLC from the earlier versions, including two new levels and two suits. However, unlike the Prototypes, Deadpool is listed as a full priced Xbox One game. Ouch. Maybe it’s to cash in on the hype for the forthcoming movie.

Deadpool has been missing from digital stores for almost two years after Marvel and Activision terminated their publishing deal.

If Activision Accountant is reading this, may I suggest you run the numbers for Blur, the Transformers Cybertron series, and Singularity please.

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  1. Ye…

    Just no. Activision. Create a new Deadpool game, improve on the… hey, are you even listenign to me? Stop playing COD and listen to me! No, you do have to. No, Deadpool will sell if you improve the gameplay, get Nolan back as all 3 voices, do a lot of speed and why are you getting security?

    Joking aside, i had hoped this would be a sequel to the first game as well, Deadpool needs more games. They literally have a walking excuse to outdo Saints Row in terms of over the topness. Sadly, i can’t see it happening if they are using a rerelease to test the waters and because i think, it didn’t sell well the first time.

    Also, Activision, market this! Don’t do what you did with Prototype and released it after informing Bob the cleaner and expect a lot of sales from it.

  2. stupid people on reddit are defending this saying they are with any remasters that get announced. this is why we won’t get many new IPs this gen. companies will think why make new games when dumb gamers will buy the same games over and over.

  3. So that’s why Activision are the only major publisher to not sign up to xbox backwards compatibility. Just do a cheap port and hope some mugs buy it at full price instead.

    Deadpool did return to the store at some point as its in this weeks 360 sale.

  4. So shoddy games are getting remastered? No doubt trying to capitalise on the impending film release. In fairness to the game, it has a very solid story plenty of humour and all round fun. Its gameplay is very dull and just about functional.

    If you ask me, watch the cutscenes on youtube. Makes for a good hour of your day alone or with mates and a few beers.

  5. I really liked this game on the PS3. It wasn’t perfect but it was fun. Not sure it’s something I’d be in any rush to play again tbh but I get why they’re doing it, with the movie coming out next year. Still, it’s a shame they didn’t bother to make a new game.

  6. Stop, stop stop. If any publisher is going to be bringing old games back then Disney need to get Spilt/Second up and running on PS4, preferably Split/Second 2, with more tracks, new cars and improved car models, more explosions, improved crash physics to resemble something like the crashes from Burnout… Stop, stop, stop. If any publisher is going to be bringing old games back then EA need to get Burnout Paradise (or pretty much any Burnout iteration) on to the PS4, or preferably a new Burnout, with more roads to race along, more online play, better car models and more of them…

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