Sega Reveal Their Trio Of Upcoming Football Manager 2016 Games

I doubt you’ll find a football fan in the country who hasn’t got a few thoughts or opinions on how their club can be managed better than it currently is, and that’s probably why Football Manager is such an enduring series, as it lets you play out your fantasy of leading your club to glory.

The last few years haven’t been short of attempts by Sega and Sports Interactive to extend their Football Manager series to platforms other than PC, with various cut down versions appearing on iOS, Android and even PS Vita. Hopefully they can settle on some more consistent names, going forward.


Football Manager 2016 is obviously the main game for your computer, bringing a couple of new game modes like Fantasy Draft and Create-A-Club, as well as having your custom manager on the touchline, and so on. Then, on the other end of the scale, you have Football Manager Mobile 2016, which is designed for phone and tablet, and should see more tactical options and and management styles available to you.

Somewhere between the two is Football Manager Touch 2016, which follows on from what was called Football Manager Classic when it released earlier this year. It’s available for both computer and high-end iOS and Android tablets, and brings a lot more of the main game’s experience to the platform, such as the 3D match engine. Though there’s the new Create-A-Club mode here as well, this release also adds the ability to upload your save to the cloud and continue on a different platform, so you can pick up where you left off on the computer with your tablet.


Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson said, “For some time now it’s been clear to us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ football management experience. While a huge number of our fans have the time and dedication required to devote themselves to the ‘full’ simulation, there’s an equally-large number who prefer a more streamlined option. Not only that, but the widespread availability of mobile devices means that people are playing in different ways. The introduction of Football Manager Touch as a standalone offering – playable across computer and tablet – means that we now offer something for everyone.”

Football Manager 2016 for PC and Macintosh will be out on Friday 13th November, with Touch and Mobile coming some time before Christmas.

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  1. As the last Football Manager I played was the 2012 release I think it’s high time to again test the strength of my marriage by looking in to FM2016… Wish me luck. Throw in a release of Elite on the PS4 and I would be signing my own divorce papers.

  2. That recommend retail price though.

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