Three PS2 Games Have Been Rated For PS4

Well this is a little odd, PEGI, the European video game information site, has rated three PlayStation 2 games for release on PlayStation 4. The games are  Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) and Twisted Metal: Black, all three of which have a release date of today.


The questions are why, and how? Backwards compatibility? HD versions? And why these games? It is, as Toyah would say, a mystery.

Source: PEGI via AGB



  1. I never got around to playing dark cloud 2 so I would be pleased with a rerelease of that, either HD or not. The first was a fun game, although I never did get around to finishing it.

    • I loved Dark Chronicle. Something very satisfying about spending a whole day levelling up a fishing rod. :)

  2. I would give a leg for dark cloud remake/remaster

  3. Very strange. Do PEGI ever make mistakes? Hopefully it’s backward compatibility and if we’re lucky the disc based variety. Is PS2 emulation something that PCs do now?

    • Can download PCSx2 i think its called, can play ps2 games from Disc onto your PC pretty flawlessly, saves having to keep a PS2 set up. Only downside is you may have to use your xbox controller or use MotionInJoy to use a DS3.

      Though i did hear DS4 work anyway now, not tried it though.

      • Thanks! Just got a new PC so I might have enough grunt for the emulator now and yeah the DS4 works very well when wired now, great news!

  4. Those are great games should they have a HD lick. Ape Escape 2 was amazing. Monkey football was awesome.

    Here’s hoping.

  5. If this is the start of the PS2 range of emulated games being ported over to the PS4, I bloody hope they will allow those who already own them on PS3 to redownload them for free as it would be a bit insulting to have to pay for games that one already owns.

  6. Ps now?

    • No those games don’t need rating again, technically you are playing the PS3 games on PS3s – just happens that your viewing them on PS4.

  7. Ape Escape is one of many Playstation games… Sony should be rebooting for PS4. It was insanely funny back then. Dark Cloud was pretty cool as well but I hadn’t played it much. If Dark Cloud 2/Chronicle was ever released digitally, it’ll be great because I’m sure its pretty hard to find along with costing alot of money although as a newbie collector I’d still want to own the original games someday. ;)

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