Need For Speed Will Not Have Microtransactions, No Plans For Paid DLC

Ghost Games has released details about Need For Speed in addition to the fact that the PC version is delayed, and the studio has announced that the game will not feature any micro-transactions. There are also no plans for paid DLC, with Ghost instead planning on releasing free updates with additional content. The details of what the content will include aren’t known, though it will probably be cars.

The map of Ventura Bay will be twice the size of Need For Speed Rivals, and the game will run at 30fps on PS4 and Xbox One. You’ll only be able to own five cars at a time, and if you want a new one then you’ll need to sell one of the previous. There will be no spilt screen support either, while wheel support is still being investigated. You can sign up for the closed beta for PS4 and Xbox One here.

Source: Ghost Games



  1. Good to see them following the more long-term models of GT, Project CARS and DriveClub, although I suspect there will be some DLC as with the previously mentioned games. A mix of paid-for and free is always nice though. Guess they probably need to follow suit to be show equal value.

    Was instantly turned off by the online-only thing initially and although I still don’t like it, the game looks great and there aren’t any other street racers so I may get it. The customisation looks great!

  2. This sounds like EA have already given up on it or are trying harder to get people back into it. Only owning 5 cars at a time is odd when most car games are letting you own hundreds now.

    • Need for Speed never had much cars though to choose from, 5 is still odd tho

    • Since it’s a story related game, and open World (I think), I don’t see the issue with just 5 cars at one time tbh. You’ll probably need to work your way up to some of the better car and sell your initials ones, and/or maybe buy difference cars to compete in different kinds of events.

      It’s not a racer where you pick out of 30 cars and choose your race track – there’s a story path and assuming you’re not a multi, multi-millionaire in the game, I think owning 5 heavily modified cars is quite a good number. You’re also more likely to become attached to ones you’ve driven a lot and saved up to modify, giving them more importance than having a huge selection to just pick and choose at will.

  3. I’m looking forward to this one as I haven’t played the series for a few years and also it looks pretty good both gameplay and graphically. I’m hoping to get a go at EGX and also get in to the PS4 beta (read ‘demo’).

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