Age Of Mythology: Tale Of The Dragon Expansion Announced

Thirteen years ago Age Of Mythology was released for PC, and was met with a lot of positive reactions, as did The Titans expansion that come for it twelve years ago. Now Forgotten Empires has announced that a brand new expansion is coming to Age Of Mythology, and that is called Tale Of The Dragon. Going by the name and the artwork this will take players to East Asia, dealing with the myths of lands there.

Not a lot of detail has been announced yet but there will be a stream on October 2nd, and we’re likely to get information about the campaigns that will be present in the Tale Of The Dragon then. According to the games page on the Forgotten Empires site development is at 50%.

Source: Forgotten Empires


  1. That’s pretty awesome. I remember seeing AoM at a mate’s house years and years ago as a kid.

    So strange to think it’s still being supported.

  2. I played that game a lot ! I mean A LOT ! It was a good spin-off of Age of Empires. What happened to these games ?

    I also have to mention it was one the most educational games ever. You could right-click on basically anything and 1/2 page – full page of text would appear. You could read a lot in that game: gods, soldiers, workers, structures etc. I remember just learning a ton about gods. And later on when I could participate in a conversation about mythology people would always ask me :’ oh, you read the Legends of Olympus? Cool!’ And I would reply:’ No. I just played Age of Mythology!’
    #keepinitreal :))))

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