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New Footage Of Horizon Zero Dawn Has Emerged

Footage of a live stream of Horizon: Zero Dawn at the Tokyo Game Show has been recorded by the nice chaps at Dual Shockers so we can all watch it at a sensible time.

As the footage is recorded from a stream it is rather low quality but it does show the heroine, Aloy, stalking and hunting the Zoids robotic dinosaurs, including the Thunder Jaw that was seen during the E3 demo.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and will be out sometime next year.

Source: YouTube


  1. Thats looking pretty dam promising. The lighting looks great.

  2. Love the excited Japanese commentary. I didn’t understand a word but he sounded so excited.
    This game is very high on my watch list. I’m hoping that Sony might have it on their stand at EGX this week.

    • But but how can you not understand when he was translating English to Japan?

      • Was he? I just got lost in the excited narrative, very uplifting.

  3. Looks good, but I’m keen to know if the story will be any good.

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