Details Of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Have Been Revealed

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is not a main Resident Evil game and has been created because shooters are more popular in the west, according to producer Masachika Kawata.

The game will have a lower price point to make it a “no brainer” purchase, with Capcom aiming for “an easy to pick up and purchase title that they can go out and enjoy straight away without having to worry too much about it.”

The game will be set in “present day” Resident Evil, so Resi 6 has happened. The Umbrella Corps are hired by other companies to go in to biohazard hotspots and extract “something with value”, but there will be other teams trying to reach the same objective.

Kawata explained that there will be no leveling system, but the game will include customisation unlocks. Your loadout will be key to your survival, as will your use if the zombies, who will not attack you unless you fire a gun. You can also use the zombies as shields by locking them on to the “zombie guard” part of your riot shield.

The game will not have a single player campaign and is set to recieve free DLC. Kawata also confirmed that more traditional Resident Evil games are also in the works.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

Source: Gamespot


  1. Imagine how dull the other Resis would be if zombies only attacked if you shot at them first. And easy. But mostly just terrible.

    This will not be a game for me, despite it being a “no brainer” (terrible pun or unintentional?).

  2. its funny how Capcom will change genres and change the gameplay to action but won’t reboot the one thing that actually needs rebooting and thats the story. i’m expecting Resident Evil Karting next. just remake all the good Resident Evil games and kill this franchise off.

  3. So let me get this straight, the strongest part(and this is very debatable) of the franchise is the single player and they are selling a generic shooter with a resident evil skin attached to it without the single player. Just no.

    Just either reboot the entire franchise after taking several leaves out of Naughty’s Dog book as they managed to do a Resident Evil game without even trying to, look at P.T, look at every decent horror game to date or just stop what you are doing and stop making bad choices when the obvious choice is in front of you. Resident Evil 6 was a mess and 5 was pretty much the last decent Resident Evil game(apart from the two Revelations spin offs). Hell, even the films had a….

    no. Can’t even say that as that would be a lie. Between Capcom and the films, they are just as bad as each other. Just stop catering towards the action crowd as Resident Evil is not that. It used to be THE survival horror game. Now, it is dead. Also, stop the films as they are beyond crap.

    And zombie shields are a bad idea! Never ever put your hand or any part of your body near a zombie’s mouth! Hell, even 28 Weeks later had better sense then zombie shields and that film had my most hated characters in a film in it. I mean, I wanted those brats to die. The plot is caused by them, it’s revolves around them and the damn military doesn’t stop the father from kissing his infected wife because the film is stupid! STUPID! STUPPID!

    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

    Anyway, this is a generic game and will have generic sales.

    Do we need Hideo Kojima or Naughty Dog to do the decent horror games? Silent Hill is dead. Resident Evil is going there. ND didn’t even intend on doing a game that made Resident Evil look like a joke but they did because they wanted to deliver the best survival action horror game they could and Hideo Kojima did Hideo Kojima with horror.

    Now, if you excuse me, i’m off to stare at the mirror to ponder why I did a giant post on what could have just been summed up in a few sentences. Oh and to have a JILL sandwhich! THE master of UNLOCKING!

  4. I’m actually glad they’re doing this. They’ve destroyed the franchise chasing the casual shooter crowd so maybe separating the shooter from the horror is a good thing.

    Dead Space did exactly the same thing in a shorter time. They think they can sell COD numbers by turning it into an over the top action shooter, but it doesn’t work like that.

    Hopefully this will mean they’ll reboot the main franchise (I can’t see them being able to salvage anything after RE6). Give us the old school Resident Evil we all know and love and give the shooter fans the crappy, nonsensical, over the top game they seem to think they want.

    At the minute, they’re trying to please everyone and pleasing no one.

  5. I thought the million plus sales of the resi 1 remake told them what people wanted. Looks like they didn’t listen.

    It sounds so basic that a free to play release makes more sense to me. Knowing Capcom it will be full of in game dlc anyway.

    • No they did, they said that more traditional Resi is on the way, this is just a spin off for the shooter crowd. As JR says, this is a good thing – keep the shooty bits here, the main franchise can go back to survival horror.

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