Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Will Include A Transgender Character

Well this is a bit of a minefield a no mistake, the news that Ubisoft have added male transgender character called Ned Wynert, who will dispense quests. The question is, why?

Well, obviously to be inclusive, but according to Eurogamer “It’s important to note that Wynert’s story does not involve his gender and, in the scenes we saw, is not even remarked upon.”

Inclusion is great, shoving in a token lesbian, gay or trans character is not. I really can’t see the point of this other than it being a box ticking exercise, if it’s not mentioned or part of the story in anyway then why publicise it? Practically any NPC character could be gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, it really doesn’t matter to the game, it’s just words on a press release.

Look at the way Naughty Dog included Bill in The Last of Us. They didn’t need to talk about it and you only discovered he was gay via the story. Bill is a great ‘gay’ character because he’s so ‘normal’, you only discover about his love and loss as the game progresses. If Ubisoft had followed their lead then I wouldn’t even be writing this story, it would be – and it should be – a non event, discovered by gamers as they play.

To be honest, if Ubisoft were going to include alternative characters then this lot seem a hell of a lot more fun.

“Rebecca and her daughters,” a group of male-to-female cross-dressers, battled throughout the Welsh countryside destroying road toll barriers, which were making the poor even poorer. These warriors also adopted the names and identities of women.

Maybe that could be DLC, who doesn’t want to rampage through the Welsh valleys wearing a red and white checked gingham dress, matching bonnet, and pigtails*?

Source: Eurogamer

*Mr. Flibble’s very cross. What are we going to do with them Mr. Flibble?


  1. “Ubisoft have added male transgender character called Ned Wynert, who will dispense quests. The question is, why?”

    Why, TC?
    Well, Whynert?


    But seriously, we already knew this game had ‘wagons, right? Hop on.

  2. forget DLC, i want a whole game based on Rebecca and her daughters. ^_^

    seriously though.
    this character’s inclusion is actually representative of events from that time, or one at least, as mentioned in the original Eurogamer article.

    “As for the character of Wynert, Côté added that he wanted players to meet the character and form an opinion themselves, but that he was an accurate reflection of “the Victorian era”.

    Indeed, Syndicate’s 1868 setting is two years prior to the high profile trial of Thomas Ernest Boulton and Frederick William Park. The pair were put on trial for ‘conspiring and inciting persons to commit an unnatural offence’ after being discovered with Boulton’s lover Lord Arthur Clinton while both dressed as women.

    Boulton and Park performed under the names Stella Clinton and Fanny Winifred Park as part of a music hall double act, although also lived as women away from the stage. To friends of Lord Clinton and Stella, the couple had lived together until the trial as husband and wife. Boulton and Park were both eventually acquitted, but Lord Clinton died shortly after being charged, and is widely believed to have committed suicide.”

    so it’s hardly completely out of nowhere.

    so it is just tokenism?

    or are they trying to make it ok to include characters like this?
    i mean, have you seen what the less enlightened parts of the gamer “community” makes of trans people?
    dare you to read the comments.

    i hope for the day when a gay or trans character being in a game is a greeted with a “meh”.
    but that’s not a day i see coming any time soon.

    maybe they are just jumping on the bandwagon of this issue, but then it wouldn’t be a bandwagon issue if it wasn’t becoming important.
    there are trans gamers, there are also trans people working in the industry, as demonstrated by the article i linked to.
    how many trans people have been hounded by bigots, sometimes to the point of suicide?

    if you were trans, would you reveal that to the wider gamer “community”?

    read this and tell me it doesn’t matter if a person is trans, or gay or whatever.

    go outside TSA once in a while, you’ll see, the gaming “community” is a fucking cesspool.
    not everybody true, but to extend the analogy, the shit floats to the top.

  3. Wow…still bitter about the game on the weekend, eh? No rampaging through Wales, okay? ;-)

    • Outside of that, very good point, TC. Bill is the perfect example of how to handle things. Don’t shine a light on it. Just let it happen within the confines of a story and stop shouting it from the hilltops to curry favour.

      • Bill’s ‘reveal’ was great. He wasn’t introduced as a gay character, he was introduced as a character who just happened to be gay.

        And Ellie stealing his late night reading material… That right there has the makings of a sequel. The Last of Us 2: Bill’s Revenge. Make it happen ND.

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