PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.00 Is Out Tomorrow

After Sony’s first public beta test for their system software at the end of August, firmware update 3.00 is set to arrive on for all and sundry tomorrow.

It brings with it a number of community oriented features and improvements, so that you can create groups of friends to find specific people quicker, set up communities with dedicated message boards and keep tabs on specific game events.

Beyond that, social media connectivity improves, as you will be able to stream directly YouTube Gaming, share 10 second video clips to Twitter and you can also have your screenshots saved in higher quality PNG format rather than JPEG.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I guess I’d better point out a community named TheSixthAxis then. Sadly, you can’t search for community names (at least not in the beta).

    So find me, MrYd. Except that’s apparently tricky for reasons only Sony understand. If you _can_ find me, you should see the community there and you can join it. Or if you know anyone else from here, they might be a member.

    Or just pop your PSN ID in here and I can invite you to join.

    (And if any of the lovely TSA staff want special powers, just ask me)

    • Could you access communities last few days? I couldn’t and presumed they were deleted..

      • It was giving a message that you “cannot use this feature now”. And then they came back. But they’ve gone again.

        If they’ve all vanished permanently, I’ll set it up again tomorrow.

        I dread to think what will happen when everyone has access to it. What’s that now? Must be close to 30m? It may attract Horrible Trolling.

      • You’d better get up early! :)

      • Well, if it does need to be done again, people can either (a) be patient, or (b) do it themselves and deal with the Inevitable Horrible Trolling. (Which as far as I can see just involved pressing a button to remove them)

    • Could you add me (djdustb) I tried to locate this group and you when the beta started but had no joy. I hope they sort out the communities search soon, they are a great idea and I use it more than I thought I would. I would just like to be able to find them though.

      • Your friends with me so just look through my communities and you’ll find it there.

      • Oops yes as pointed out above they don’t seem to be there at the moment.

      • Good call, when it is all back up and running I can locate it that way. Annoying that they have removed them though.


    • They’ve already said all the current communities will be deleted when 3.0 goes public. Seems silly, they had stuff there ready for people to browse and join. Now those who update first will find nothing to join.

      • I haven’t seen anything official saying they’ll be deleted, but if people say so, I’ll believe them. And set it up again tomorrow, if I can.

        It may seem silly, but it could well be necessary. That’s why it’s a beta. It’s quite possible that once it was being tested by a decent sized number of people, they found something that wasn’t ideal. Nothing seemed broken, but it’s reasonably likely they found some part of the database running it wasn’t optimised. If that happens, it may be best to wipe everything out, change a few things, and start again before millions of people are using it and it really falls over. Fiddling the data to fit into a slightly altered database table would involve extra time that may be better spent elsewhere and could even lead to unexpected results later on.

        That’s just a guess, of course. Just one example of many, many reasons why they might have decided to wipe everything out before leaving beta.

  2. I thought the full release might be imminent as communities were inaccessible last few days and it had been indicated that beta communities would be deleted before full release.
    Community feature is neat but it will be even more interesting outside of the beta limitations.

  3. The beta has been the first I’ve tested where I’ve had no problems at all.

  4. in all the excitement they seem to have forgotten it’s store update day.

    it is Tuesday today right?

    • There’s a few bits gone up today. But the blog seems to have fallen over this afternoon. Or be suffering from “maintenance”, so there’s no announcement.

      And Tuesday is the “store update for those few things we can manage to get out today, and the rest comes on Wednesday, or Thursday or even Friday”.

      Today we get My Little Pony DLC for Monopoly. Because of course we do.

  5. It’s live now, although with the way the PS4 checks for updates, you may need to manually force it to check. It’s a 250MB download.

    • And I had to set the community up again. But it’s there now. Still no search facility, so find me (MrYd, which comes after any other PSN ID that contains the letters “mryd”, apparently). Or ask nicely and I’ll invite you. And invite friends, that might help.

  6. Please can you invite me to sixth axis community on Ps4 my psn is mcduff1979

    • I think I can manage that

      • Would you mind adding me too psn: KittDJW

      • Why do I think I’m going to regret saying you could all ask nicely and I’ll invite you just to make things easier to find?

        I don’t mind really. And if it’s just a slow trickle of requests, I can deal with them when I see them. If there’s suddenly loads of you, I’ll do it in a batch later. Although there’s the baking on TV tonight, so don’t expect it then ;)

      • MrYd I am a Nigerian Army General with access to one of our former ambassadors $2,000,000,000 fortune of which 50% will be deposited in your bank account if you post your personal and bank details at the following address [email protected] :P

        Add me dude, TSA community ftw ;)

      • I tried searching for Nigerian General and got too many results. Oddly enough, “MrYd” was the first one.

        Would you happen to have freezebug2 as your PSN ID?

        I’m happy to invite people, but I don’t want to go sending random invites to the wrong people, so it might be best to clearly state your PSN ID.

        And if I invite anyone after they’ve managed to join anyway, it’s because the list of members seems to get stuck. It says 21, but I think it’s more than that already. (Obviously, if 100 people want to be invited at once, I’m not checking that list!)

      • Lol, yes freezebug2 is my PSN Id same as here ;)

  7. Btw, a few things not highlghted.. you can now disable trophy screenshots via the Share settings, and if you’d like to comment or view comments in the What’s New section you can enable that via the privacy settings.

    • That’s no fun. I’m proud of my collection of blank screens with a trophy message in the corner ;)

  8. We’re up to 78 of us on the TSA community now. And almost as many pictures of skellingtons.

    Now, who should I ask about stealing a TSA logo for it? I don’t want to just steal it and use it without asking.

    • Will send you something today, if I remember.

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