Latest DiRT Rally Update Introduces Drivers To Finland

Codemasters have announced that the latest update, which is available free of charge to Early Access players, will have you power-sliding around the tracks of Finland, the spiritual home of rallying.


Only the best drivers need apply for the Flying Finland update as it will contain DiRT’s fastest stages yet, with average speeds exceeding 100mph and the biggest crests and jumps to date. If this wasn’t enough to get your competitive muscles flexing, Codemasters have also revealed that the update will also contain two of the most iconic rally cars, the Subaru Impreza 2001 and the Ford Focus RS Rally 2001.

“These iconic cars were piloted by Codemasters’ biggest rallying heroes and they have been faithfully rebuilt to give players the chance to recreate their legendary exploits.” says the developer. Codemasters’ have also confirmed that further content is planned for “the coming months” which is bound to please many rally enthusiasts.

Source: Press Release



  1. Why can’t they name the driver they’re referring to? Am I allowed to mention his or her name?

    I recall the mid-90s travelling for hours in to the deepest depths of the Welsh forest many to watch these complete legends come hurtling around the bends at break-neck speeds. It was always late October/early November and I was always cold, very cold. One hilarious time we almost ran out of petrol in the middle of the forest.

  2. Aw man, watching that makes me envious of pc gamers. Especially for those moments when the car is hurtling through the air and you’re praying that you’re going to make a safe landing when you return to earth. I can only hope WRC has some thrills to offer whilst we patiently wait for our benevolent Code Masters to remember us lowly console gamers.

  3. Here’s hoping WRC5 will fill the consul rally void at least for now.

  4. Here’s hoping WRC5 will fill the console rally void at least for now.

  5. If you are reading Codesmasters, I know you would like to make money by selling the finished game on PS4, so I have everything crossed that enough PC players have paid for the development and enough is left in the pot for a console release.

    Kind Regards, Tom.

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