Rainbow Six Siege Beta Extended Until Sunday

Rainbow Six: Siege’s beta didn’t have the smoothest of starts when it went live at the end of last week, but Ubisoft have been hard at work to squash bugs and improve a shaky matchmaking system since then. Originally set to finish first on Monday and then today, they’ve decided to extend the closed beta once more and now end it on Sunday, October 4th.

Additionally, there will be Double Renown in action from Friday night, starting at 8PM EST (1AM UK time), to let you unlock extra operatives and gear, and yesterday saw all US and EU beta testers who had played a match receive extra codes to pass on to a friend.

To show the progress that has been made, they report that PvP matchmaking has been improved since the beta started, so that there’s now a 30-45 second wait time for a match, while Terrorist Hunt now has a 96% success rate with a 20-30 wait time. However, if you’re still having problem, there is a list of workarounds to try.

Rainbow Six: Siege is set to release on December 1st, having been delayed from a mid-October launch. However, this week also saw news that the game won’t feature a traditional single player campaign, instead seeing solo and co-op play as a training ground of sorts for the multiplayer game.

Source: Ubisoft

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  1. Good to see they’re working hard behind the scenes. Often I’d not find a game at all, or would only last a single round before being disconnected, although that was in the early, closed stages of the Beta. I’ve listed some spare codes in the forums too, help yourself.

  2. I’ve got more codes for PS4 if anyone is interested

  3. Awesome. Really enjoying it and, touch wood, I haven’t had a single matchmaking issue thus far

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