Shovel Knight Retail Version Delayed By Two Weeks

The retail version of the very well received retro 2D platformer Shovel Knight has hit a few speed bumps on the way to release, with the final throes of development for the free Plague of Shadows DLC taking slightly longer than expected to be finalised, meaning that the new retail release date is October 30th in Europe and November 3rd in North America.

However, there are a few other twists in the tail, as Yacht Club want to try and avoid ending up in the bargain bin and are raising the physical edition price to $24.99 – however, preorders at $19.99 will still be honoured. This will now be bundled with a digital copy of the soundtrack, even though this is a ‘pay what you want’ purchase online.


Saving the worst news for last, both the Xbox One and PS Vita versions of this physical release have had to be postponed indefinitely. Speaking of the Xbox One version, they wrote:

With extremely heavy hearts, we’re sad to announce there will not be an Xbox One physical version this holiday. We really gave it our best effort, but unfortunately, because of publishing policies on that platform that are totally beyond our control, we couldn’t make it happen. We’re very sorry…we know there is a lot of interest – the pre-orders were really good and we thank everyone for their support!

There’s a glimmer of hope for a PS Vita release, and they say to “Hang in there a bit longer, and hopefully we can make something happen!”

Of course, the game is already out on all major platforms in a digital form, so it’s not like you can’t get your hands on the game if you want to play it, but some collectors will no doubt be a little disappointed by this news.

Source: Yacht Club