EU PS Store Update: 13/10/15 – Minecraft: Story Mode, One Upon Light And More

There’s quite a few games landing in this week’s store update, with two bites of the apple coming from Telltale Games in the form of the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode and the 30th Anniversary PS4 release of Back to the Future: The Game.

Alongside that, there’s plenty more to see, as WRC 5 brings a spot of rallying to your consoles once more, Wasteland 2: Directors Cut and The Talos Principle bring two very well received games across from PC to console, and Bedlam explores decades of gaming in a game translation of the Christopher Brookmyre novel.


One Upon Light’s award winning puzzling requires that you stay out of the light, while Extreme Exorcism and Goosebumps look to play on it being Halloween rather soon, and fans of Japanese games will surely be looking out for Tales of Zestiria and Disgaea 5.

Keep scrolling for the full list, courtesy of the EU PS Blog.



  • Extreme Exorcism
    (Out 12/10/15)
  • BANG! The Official Video Game
    (Out 16/10/15)

PS Vita


Monopoly (Out 12/10/15)

  • My Little Pony

Nobunaga’s Ambition Soi (Out 12/10/15)

  • Additional Scenario 4

Rockband 4 (12/10/15)

  • ‘Cowboys from Hell (Live from…)’ – Pantera
  • ‘Divide’ – All That Remains
  • ‘King For A Day’ – Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn
  • ‘Mona Lisa’ – Dead Sara

The Witcher 3 (13/10/15)

  • Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone

Rocket League (Out 13/10/15)

  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighter (Out 13/10/15)

  • Halloween Costumes

Minecraft: Story Mode (Out 13/10/15)

  • Season Pass

RockSmith 2014 (Out 13/10/15)

  • Kiss Song Pack 2

TALES OF ZESTIRIA (Out 13/10/15)

  • Various pieces of additional content
    From €0.49/£0.39/AU$0.75

Deal of the Week (14/10/15-21/10/15)

  • Project Cars
    Was €69.99/£44.99/AU$99.95 Now €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Who the fuck is Christopher Brookmyre? As I don’t know, I’ll assume the game is rubbish.

    Just Rocket League DLC for me.

    • He’s a novellist whose novel, Bedlam, has been turned into a game with his direct input and influence. We had a review of the game the other day…

      • Yup, as I expected, review says it’s rubbish.

        I hate it when people put there name in a title, doesn’t matter who. Peter Jackson’s King Kong, James Cameron’s Stupid Blue People. That bloody Hideo Kojima having credits after every mission. No other game has ever done that. Hey, just in case you missed it, he’s the Creative Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Designer and everything else Metal Gear. It just seems arrogant to me. I guess with Chris Brookmyre, at least it’s probably trying to get people who read his book to realise the game is directly related.

      • *their

  2. What’s going on with that Tales of Zestiria price?? It’s the same as Amazon. Should it not be about £15 more than that? At least they’ve Disgaea 5 for 45% more than Amazon. That’s reassuring. I don’t think I could cope with prices suddenly being almost sensible.

  3. Is Wasteland 2 any good?

    • It’s supposed to be excellent. I’ve not played it but I’m planning on picking it up at some point.

      It’s basically like the old Fallout games (1 and 2) if you’ve played those.

      • From what I’ve read so far, there are issues with the PS4 version. Mouse + keyboard controls not turned into something that works too well with a controller, and some bugs that can completely halt any progress hours into the game.

        Which is a shame.

      • Damn, that sucks. Guess I’ll be waiting to see if it gets patched into good condition then. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. So Minecraft episode one is £5 here but $5 in usa. Bttf is £20 here but $20 over there, so we’re paying about 50% more? I f#####g hate playstation Europe and their rip off prices. Looks like I’m going to have to start buying from the US store.

    • As people usually do, you’ve forgotten that those UK prices include VAT. So multiply those dollar prices by about 0.78 or so to get the UK price including VAT.

      So $5 should be £3.90, which would probably get rounded up to £3.99. So it’s only 25% more here, not 50%.

      And then there’s the issue of prices and wages. Americans seem to earn less than we do to the point where that £1 = $1 exchange rate is just about spot on (until you add VAT).

      So really, the prices are higher here, but not unfairly so. But sure, you can buy from the US store and avoid paying VAT. Make sure you have a good moan about large companies avoiding paying lots of tax too while you’re at it (Facebook this week, isn’t it?)

      • I wouldn’t have an issue if it was £3.99 an episode, after all that’s what Telltales prices were before. Borderlands was £16 season pass for 5 episodes, Thrones was £19 for 6 episodes, now Minecraft is £25 for 5 episodes. It’s just pure greed.

        I take your point about the VAT not being included,that’s fair enough. But where’s the justification in digital releases going from £40 on ps3 to £50-£55 now on ps4? Yet in usa they’ve remained the same at $60!!

      • I mentioned those Minecraft prices yesterday. Definitely a case of “wait for all 5 episodes and a sale” there.

        As for that price jump from PS3 to PS4, it’s even worse for the smaller “indie” games. Things that would have been £9.99 or less on PS3 are now £13 to £16 on PS4?

        On the other hand, prices haven’t really gone up in the past 20 years overall. £55 today would be just over £30 in 1995. If you’re sensible, you might get a new game somewhere for £40 today, which would have been around half that price 20 years ago.

        Or to put it the other way round, a game costing £40 in 1995 (an early PS1 game?) would cost over £70 today with inflation. (And I’m not sure if various inflation calculators include increases in VAT)

        So prices today are cheap. Much cheaper than they should be with inflation. (Although higher sales would help keep the price down. And more expensive development would push prices back up). And people still complain that they should be even cheaper?

  5. I don’t complain they should be cheaper mate, £40-£45 for a disc is no problem for me, I remember paying £30 for ff8 back in the late 90s. The thing is with discs, having a family I can buy them, complete them, and then sell them on. Even being 37 years old I still enjoy the feeling of coming home, finding the game has arrived, kicking the Mrs and daughter out to her friends or whatever and having a blast on the game.once finished I can sell on and move to the next game.

    I just don’t get why they sell digital at £55, surely they’d sell more at less. I’ve never bought a A+++ game at full price digitally and never would at those prices even if I was loaded. Me and friends have spoken regularly about this, even if they sold just below retail price they’d sell more and make more than selling at that disgraceful price?? I just don’t yet it!

    • Yes, selling digital versions for more than physical discs is a bit odd. But there are various reasons, none of which are really down to Sony.

      Sony always claim that the publisher sets the price. Publishers who still need to sell physical copies of games. Those weekly charts that don’t include downloads? They’ll want to be in there. All those opportunities to sell games while you’re busy doing other shopping? There’s got be an element of “don’t piss off the old-fashioned shops” there. Which means they’ll keep the prices the same for digital and physical copies. Let shops sell them for less, and then put the digital version on sale later.

      So I’m sure publishers would decide to drop the prices if they thought it would make them more money. Obviously they don’t think that’ll happen at the moment. And they do drop the prices eventually with all sorts of sales. If you’re not making any more money selling it at full price, you might as well sell a bunch of copies at a big discount. Especially if you’ve made enough money to cover development costs and those digital copies cost nothing to make (so it’s free money)

      • Thanks for the constructive discussion mate,I’m certainly not trying to argue but if they are trying not to piss off the shops then why are they the same price digitally as retail in usa?
        Is it different rules for usa than UK?
        And If it’s down to publishers why are they exploiting Europeans more than Americans?

      • Not sure what US prices are like in real shops. But just picking a random example of Disgaea 5 (because it’s out this week)…

        £38 on Amazon, and £55 on the EU store. Or $60 on Amazon or the PS Store in the US.

        Convert that $60 to real money and add VAT and you get £47.

        Looks to me like the publishers set the price in the US to $60 for the download (to avoid pissing off retailers) but Amazon aren’t discounting it much. Which could be for many reasons. Quite possibly distribution costs in the US are a lot higher due to the size of the place.

        In the UK, Amazon are obviously discounting it much more. The PSN price isn’t hugely inflated here (£47 to £55 is 17% more, but remember other factors).

        Really, it looks like we’re getting quite a good deal thanks to retailers selling things for a lot less than they could.

        Why are my ramblings today all serious and full of numbers? I’ll remember to talk complete crap tomorrow ;)

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