Zombie Vikings Launched With Bugs Due To Vote To Play Deadline

In our review of Zombie Vikings Aran noted that there were a “number of issues” although these were being patched at a furious rate. It turns out the developers, Zoink, knew of these, including a couple of game breaking problems, but were forced to release the game due to it being part of the Vote to Play feature.

“Since we had this [Vote to Play] deadline we worked extremely hard to get the game finished, and we submitted the game just a couple of days before the release day,” explains Mikael Forslind for Zoink. “When we submitted we had fixed all the bugs we could at that moment, but we were aware there were still some bugs left so we immediately started working on a day one patch. Most bugs that were left were because of the online mode that Zombie Vikings have.”


“We’ve never made a game with an online mode before and that task turned out to be way more complex than we could have ever imagined,” he added. “Working with a Vote To Play deadline and with a complex (for us) online mode turned out to be a real challenge and were the primary reason the game launched not polished enough.”

One big site reviewed the game before the latest patch and gave it a score of just 25%, but a month since launch and numerous patches later all the reviews have been 80% or above. The good news is that the team are turning the negatives in to positives by relaunching the game with fresh update to zap all the bugs, add new content, including a new mechanic. The update will be free to everyone who has already purchased the game.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. Is it a case of being forced to meet a deadline they couldn’t meet or did Zoink try to accomplish too much in too little time for personal gain?

    These guys probably jumped at the chance to get their game in the vote-to-play line-up. Free advertising for a game that most people wouldn’t even know existed otherwise.

    If the game wasn’t ready I’m sure they could have pulled out of the vote-to-play (before the line-up was announced) and released at a later date, bug free. I’m sure another studio could have been brought on board to fill their place, which is probably why the game was rushed in the first place.

    • Certainly they rushed to hit the deadline, but we’re talking about patches that were released in the few days and weeks after launch. So yes, they released a game with bugs in it, but they were very quick to react to them and it’s not like they were very far away at that time.

      Nobody wants to release a bad or buggy game, so it’s safe to say that if they didn’t think they’d be able to hit that deadline in a satisfactory fashion, they wouldn’t have signed up to be in Vote to Play.

  2. Seems like a fair explanation, their previous game was great and i intend picking this up too. Happy to wait for the version that best realises their vision though ;)

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