Podcast: Episode 198 – Grow Home, Star Wars Battlefront & Transformers: Devastation

If you like both Star Wars and Transformers then boy is this the episode for you. Kev, Lewis and I are joined by Tuffcub this week, and we follow up last week’s discussion of the Star Wars Battlefront beta now that it’s wrapped up.

On top of that, Tuffcub played through Transformers: Devastation for his . It sounds like he was pretty enamoured by the game, although with his love of robots in disguise that may not be all that shocking.

If that’s not enough for you, Kev has finished Grow Home and discussed that, and there’s also a quiz for the first time in quite a while. Alongside that there’s the week’s news and the answers to your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. There was some particularly good banter this week, another great podcast! I’ve learned over the 40-odd podcasts I’ve listened to that once Kris disapproves of a game his mind wont be changed… but that doesn’t make him right, because Battlefront is awesome! To be fair I’m not surprised its generated such mixed opinion, its quite simple by todays standards but I think theres a market for that. Oh and Transformers Devastation sounds brilliant, TC has sold it well.

  2. “nobody pays 60 dollars to see Age Of Ultron”
    unless they buy snacks and drinks at the cinema, in which case, 60 dollars is a conservative estimate.

    wow Kris, you really don’t like Richard Bacon do you?
    not saying i dn’t understand that opinion, but there was such vehemence there. ^_^

    oooh Violet Berlin.
    crushed on her real bad.

    she wasn’t the only reason i watched Bad Influence, but she was a draw. ^_^
    any of you guys ever record the show to read that databurst thing at the end?
    just me then? o_O

    you know what gaming show i miss most?
    a gaming show presented solely by women.
    it’d probably get labelled as some sjw feminazi anti men thing these days, by certain sections of the gaming “community”

    there was Aleks Krotoski, also had a crush on her, she has a PHD you know.
    Emily Newton Dunn, who joined Criterion and become a producer on one of the Burnout games.
    then Emily `Bouff` Booth, who seemed to have gone into soft porn.

    and the show was actually entertaining and had good reviews.


    not really interested in Battlefront.
    it’s basically a competitive shooter, with no single player campaign mode.
    and that’s before ea inevitabley swamp the game with microtransactions and trading cards to buy weapons or characters.

    i’m really looking forward to playing Devastation though.
    but between ESO and Fallout in a few weeks, it’s not on top of my list right now.

    i think i’d only buy a season pass from a developer like Bethesda without knowing all the contents, because if history is anything to go by, they’ll have extensive and quality dlc.

    they’ve come a long way from the horse armour mess.

    i think with the likes of Twitch and Youtube let’s players, publishers don’t feel there’s as much need for demos these days.
    kind of a shame as playing the game myself always gives me a better idea of whether i’ll like it or not than watching somebody else play.

    i mean, i could suck at it while they’re really good.
    a not uncommon experience for me. ^_^

  3. Did it only occur to me but did Tuffcub do a Peter Chapman laugh (you know the one from the cartoon about a race) impression.

    While I don’t think that pre-ordering a game is something bad (everyone can do what they wont to with their money), what I didn’t like recently are the pre-orders for season passes that you don’t really know what will contain.

    That’s just plain stupid. How can you buy something that you don’t know any details about? And it’s not the same thing as with games. You cannot buy games these days without knowing anything at all about them, if you are treating games as your hobby or something alike. The amount of videos, tests, screenshots, tweets etc. that fly in after a game has been announced is hard to miss.

    Nevertheless I agree that the methods of gathering data for this article sounds very weird.

    Konaaaamaiiiii :D That is how I’m going to call them from now on ^^
    Yesterday I saw the game trailer and it’s like an uppercut full of nostalgia in the face and on top of that today the new movie trailer came out….for Christ sake, I feel like my inner childhood memories are being “touched”. I must resist buying it….

    I know it’s a bit strange to say but the argument Kris and Lewis had was quite enjoyable, in terms it’s good to hear both sides takes on their view on the beta with a lot of energy. I disagree with Tuffcub about the Battlefront beta being a BF copy – it’s not. Definitely not. It’s completely itself and yes, the vehicles lack control…and the token system is weird.

    I think I’m going to pick up the game somewhere in the future despite the fact that I would like the Transformers games to take on the “…of Cybertron” series, what I think was much more mature, had great story behind them and was more true Transformers. The new game looks 1:1 exactly as it should, but Autobots where not ninjas and kung-fu masters. The game should be more like Vanquish and not Bayonetta I think.

    A QUIZ !!! Great. Missed them very very much :D Ow and a funny one as well. Some of this quotes made me laugh so much back in the days. Was good to hear them again. I will remember this episode number just for the sake with the amount of bullshit Microsoft talked about the X1 before launch xD

    Hell no. Please do not us the “hello” jingle you have right now. I bet there are much better suited samples of greeting. Please don’t.

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