Blowfish Studios Announces Gunscape DLC With Seismic Pack

A few months ago Blowfish Studios announced it would be releasing Gunscape on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Mac, and Linux by Q1 2016. The game is centred around building levels in which you can then compete in through first person shooter modes, with the levels being shareable across platforms. However while the game is still to be released it hasn’t stopped Blowfish from announcing DLC for the Gunscape in the form of the Seismic pack.

Seismic is centred around horror tropes in sci-fi, with the main setting being a space station. Players will be able to craft situations using props such as pods, bodies, and AI. There will be additional weapons like the Suffocation Glove that allows players to choke opponents in their sight, an EMP Glove to stun mechanical opposition, and a Space Pistol which is a blaster and a laser sword too.

The Seismic pack will release three months after Gunscape is available to purchase at a cost $3.99, with individual props priced at between 15 cents to 70 cents.

Source: Press Release