Boundless Announced For PS4

Sony has announced a new title called Boundless at Paris Games Conference, and it seems to be a cross between a minecrafty style of game and exploration title with some kind of missions. There wasn’t much detail given with its brief trailer, but Boundless does look like it could be quite the eye catching title. There was no information on story or what you can do in the game, but it appears the main character was holding a hammer of some kind.


Give the trailer a watch and tell us what you think.



  1. I like the look of this. Similar gameplay to The Tomorrow Children which im hoping we’ll get some news on soon.

  2. As a recovering Minecraft addict who should know better… I’m in!

    • Yes, it could go either way, pretty but dull, or pretty and amazing… If the latter, I’ll very in.

      M$ do have to consider what minecraft 2 should be, as others like this will be coming

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