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More Footage For Horzion Zero Dawn Includes A Freecam Mode

Guerilla Games got some stage time to give a walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn, looking at how traps can be set to capture the robot animals to loot them for resources. The game is an action RPG so you’ll need to hunt to gain these resources so items can be upgraded to take out some of the larger beasts. Of course the larger creatures won’t leave you alone, and fighting them.

This is where the free cam comes into action, allowing you to pause the game and look for a weakness. The creature in the footage has quite a lot of armour plating, and weapons. The armour can be removed and the weapon can be used against the beasts, but planning how to get to that point will be part of the hunt.


  1. First time I’ve taken notice of this game. Looks great. Reminded me a little of Enslaved with the mechs and the art style.

  2. Want :) Looks like my sort of game

  3. TSA, what’s this? The GG guy clearly said that he was switching to “dev mode”. He also moved the player character to a safer spot before resuming.

    Have they now suddenly gone back on themselves and announced that debugging is now a game feature?

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