PSN Survey Lists Possible New Features

A post on NeoGAF shows what appears to be a new survey from Sony listing possible features that could come to PlayStation. It looks like Sony have been listening as a number of often requested features are listed, including changing your PSN ID, removing demos from your games list, and folders.



The survey also asks the respondent when they think firmware update 4.0 should be out.


Source: NeoGAF



  1. I think I’d tick every box there. Rather surprised the PS4 doesn’t have a few of those features like sorting games and custom backgrounds.

    • Thats the problem with “tick all that apply” questions. They should let you only have say 5 maximum so you pick the ones that are most important to you.

      My five would be:

      Appear offline
      Hide/remove items from library
      Delete items from library
      Filter library items
      Store wishlist

      Can’t believe the middle 3 haven’t been done yet – especially as I have a ton of betas and PS+ games that I’ll never play again so there’s no point keeping them in the library.

      • I’m pretty sure the store wishlist is already there, at least it was an added feature to the web store last week.

        You’re right they should’ve imposed a limit of 5 or so. Otherwise how will they know what to focus on. Although if everyone ticks all of it, the message would be pretty clear, and if Sony is willing.

  2. Apart from folders and some sort of filtering of the library, why would anyone want any of these things?

    You might want to know when friends come online, just so you can hunt around for the option to turn it off when it drives you mad after about 5 minutes.

    The store wishlist is already there, at least for the web store.

    And changing PSN IDs is a bad idea. It stops people learning a valuable lesson and removes all consequences of picking “xXxILikeBoobs73xXx” as your PSN ID. Make them stick with their embarassing choices and then the adults can laugh at them.

    • The one option that isn’t there and should be (if they haven’t already added it in the latest update, not looked yet) is to turn off that bloody discover notification you get every time you login! You could turn off every other notification bar that one when they added it.

      • That annoying discover notification finally sorted itself out for me with system 3.0, with the beta actually now that i think about it.

        Folders, custom backgrounds and the ability to list any content chronologically/alphabetically/or reversed etc. Those would be my top three.

      • I think that changing your ID should be implemented, but limited to perhaps once a year.

        So, with that said, my wishlist is

        1. Folders. Folders, folders, folders. Folders’R’Us.
        2. Hide/Remove objects from library.
        3. Change PSN ID
        4. PS2 Classics (I want to play Black again)
        5. Wish list (if you could opt for an alert when something dropped in price, like on Pricespy)

  3. I’d have Folders, Filtering Library, Appear Offline and Custom Backgrounds.

    I’d also suggest Search Library, where you can use the scroll down alphabet a la PS Store to more quickly locate the game you’re looking for. Going further, within our own custom folders, it would be nice to place the download link for a game not currently on the hard drive, so it’s easily locatable when we do want to download it again.

  4. Appear offline deffo.

  5. But I don’t like boobs at 73…

    • This is one of those times where replying to a comment is so much better than just posting a new one, yes?

      Because taking your comment completely out of context makes you look a little bit weird.

      Which isn’t entirely bad. It amused me, and I’m the one that unwisely put the word “boobs” and “73” next to each other in the first place.

    • Surely boobs are to be enjoyed at any age. :-(

      • They are. Unless it’s now illegal or frowned upon to like boobs. In which case, we should form the boob club. First rule of boob club? Don’t talk about boob club.


    Be able to delete games/demos from my folder!!!

  7. Classics for me. I want to play Crash Bandicoot again

  8. Another vote for classics! Disc compatibility would be good too, surely all the 60GB PS3 work can be put into use? I probably don’t understand backward compatibility so maybe not. Custom backgrounds and manual arrangement of icons, now I’m very surprised they’re not already in, weren’t they mentioned last year?

  9. Why do we have to pick a subset of them? Sony have obviously thought of these options, so why dont they just implement them all and everyone will be happy?

    And why are they asking what the release date of a firmware update should be? Surely the answer is when its ready?!?

    • You’re assuming they want to find out which features they should be adding in the next update and when people want it.

      It could be that all of those features are planned already, or in the next update and Sony just want some feedback on what people really want. See if they’re doing the right thing or not.

      Maybe nobody will pick PS1 or PS2 classics, but they’ll appear anyway, and then Sony can say “Nobody really wanted them, so lets not put any effort into PS3 classics”.

      I’d guess most of that stuff is coming in the next couple of updates (let’s call them 4.0 and 4.1). It’s possible Sony might shuffle some bits around based on feedback. And the survey gives them useful information to decide what comes in the big update after that (let’s call it 5.0) from a list of things Sony don’t want to talk about yet.

  10. Before I got broadband recently, not being able to view trophy progression offline was annoying. Out of those, I would say if they can make PS3 digital purchases compatible with the PS4-that would be cool.

    The social features from 3.00 are a real game changer. So much community and social aspects added to gaming its great.

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