PSN Survey Lists Possible New Features

A post on NeoGAF shows what appears to be a new survey from Sony listing possible features that could come to PlayStation. It looks like Sony have been listening as a number of often requested features are listed, including changing your PSN ID, removing demos from your games list, and folders.



The survey also asks the respondent when they think firmware update 4.0 should be out.


Source: NeoGAF



  1. I think they missed the most important feature off that list. The ability to type the word “shooters” without it becoming “s*******”

  2. – Download Avatars on PS4.
    – Appear offline mode.
    – Change PSN ID.
    – Make ‘Turn off system’ the top option when you hold the PS button.
    – Make the light strip blue like it is in all the advertisements.
    – Customise light strip colour.

    That’s all.

    • Your 3rd option is actually a good idea, how about generally being able to customize the options you wanted to access on the PS button menu screen?

      • I only say this because sometimes when I’m in a rush, I turn the tv off before I shut down the console. On the PS3 I knew that I just had to hold the PS button, press X twice and I was good to go. On the PS4 I have to turn the tv back on and go through all the options. I might be the only person this affects but it’s something I would like to see all the same.

      • Yes, I know exactly what you mean, I did the same with the PS3, and now I’m just utterly confused about what’s happening when holding the PS button.

        I want to be able to do like you suggested, and going one step further, being able to customize some more options into that menu. Like pause/unpause all downloads, a direct link to turning off the dual shock etc.

  3. They need to ad all the original THPS games to classics to make up for the embarrassment that’s THPS5!

  4. They’re also asking about improvements to the media player in another survey (I just got the email).

    Including the little thumbnails the PS3 version had that let you quickly scan through a video. And assorted other features.

  5. I just filled in that survey about the PS4 Media Player, regarding possible future features such as DTS support, audio latency correction, thumbnails when searching etc. Seems like Sony are upping their game on user feedback :)

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