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Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Video Gives Details About HUD & Tactics

Guerrilla Games has released a video that gives a more in depth look at Horizon: Zero Dawn, specifically the game’s HUD and combat. While the scenario is familiar to those who have seen both the E3 and Paris Games Week footage there is more information than before. In this footage you can see the health bar that is shaped like an arrowhead, but the final design could change. There’s also the compass at the top of the screen which will show mission objectives, though those have been hidden in this playthrough.

More details about Horizon’s RPG elements were also shown including a level bar in the top right, and the damage counts when attacking opposition. The loot system is also shown off with some of the resources that can be obtained from the world, including parts for weapons and food for survival. The Thunderjaw makes an appearance again with some new attacks shown off that will have to be avoided.

Source: Youtube


  1. Just worried about the story, as much as I love guerrilla games, they are just not good at execution. They can create the most beautiful game ever but not good at story telling

    • I have more concerns about that hairstyle. What was he thinking?!

      • I assume he sleeps upside down.

  2. i am so looking forward to this one.

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