News Snatch: Rainbow Six Siege, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, And Coast Guard

Time for another round up of news, trailers, and videos and there’s a shed load to get through today, starting with eight minutes of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival gameplay. I have no idea what is going on but looks very Nintendo.

Amazon France have listed Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4 with a release date of February 29th.

This is Whiteday, yet another horror game coming to PlayStation VR. It hasn’t been announced for the west but probably will make it’s way over here next year.

The latest Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege dev diary takes a look at the Spetsnaz Siege operators, the Russian counter-terrorism unit. It’s a little known fact that the Spetsnaz were created by a leading ant and insect exterminator, which is why their name is an anagram of “Zap Nests”.


The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows has begun shipping so you can stream your Xbox One to your PC and use the controller. Or just, y’know, play the game on the Xbox One.

The latest Just Cause 3 developer diary continues the worrying trend where the game characters have better facial hair than the programmers. In the video the developers discuss the story of the game, rather than their poor facial hair.

The Solus Project is heading for an early 2016 release across PC and Xbox One via the [email protected] self-publishing program and the brainchild of industry legend Sjoerd ‘Hourences’ De Jong.

Yes it’s back, the feature that points out the bloody obvious that others report as news. Which it isn’t. Ever.

  • Nintendo say their new console, the NX, will be their “core business” when it launches. Would have thought that?
  • Destiny will have further expansions and microtransactions, rather than being left to rot away like everyone had expected. OMGwhodathunk?!

Coast Guard, which as you probably guessed, is a coast guard simulation, is out on PC right now.

The latest Rise of the Tomb Raider video “details the new translation system, examines nested environmental puzzles, and previews the devious challenge tombs that reward players with ancient abilities.”

A new map called Operation Outbreak has been released for free for Battlefield 4. “Battlefield 4 players participated in every step of the map creation process from the core concept such as theme and setting, to selecting the points of interest, and naming the map”, say EA.
Fallout 4 is almost here, so why not check out the final S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video which focusses on luck.

And Finally, a Halo 5 dance off. Because reasons.



  1. Tempted to grab the Xbox Wireless Adapter and a controller, seems a very neat solution to playing games on my new PC which lives behind my telly. Either that or a 4 metre wire for my DS4, wires must be old school retro by now right?

  2. That’s the best RotTR video i’ve seen so far – now i need to quell my excitement as i await the PS4 version.. :/

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