Community Chronicle: 15/11/15

Be good to each other. That’s all.

The Xbox One had a major update to its system software this week, as the New Xbox Experience based off Windows 10’s foundations rolled out to users with a new look and backwards compatibility rolled into the mix.

Initial impressions for Avenger were very positive, as he wrote, “Had the update come through this morning and it’s brilliant stuff. Faster, slicker, and makes so much more sense as a whole. It was a lot easier to record and upload some BF4 footage, and the instant-on function is now, well, instant. Eager for the future updates as I hear a lot of Windows 10 app support will be making the move over too.”

On the other hand, AngryCoward and Dom both said it felt a little laggy, while JR. wrote, “I’m not sure about the new UI at all. It seems even more confusing than before. Although it may just be a case of getting used to the changes. I think I was expecting it to be instant like the PS4 UI. I’ll have a proper go over the weekend to get a feel for it but first impressions aren’t good. I actually miss the old UI which I never thought I’d ever hear myself say.”

Of course, as with any major update and overhaul, there’s a much greater likelihood of some teething issues, so hopefully Microsoft can iron these out in the next update.

Elsewhere – and yes, I’m deliberately dodging the excess of arguments in the comments this week – the Friday the 13th videogame was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

JR. chipped in again, saying that “If this had been an interactive single player game like Until Dawn, I’d be really looking forward to it but knowing it’s multiplayer really puts me off. I’m imagining Evlove but with a masked psychopath instead of a monster – and we all know how well that game turned out.”

The Lone Steven added, “Should be a rather interesting game although playing as Jason must be overpowered or it’s not Jason at all! I mean, the dude flat out refuses to stay dead and is almost impossible to stop. Hell, even Freddy Kruger had trouble kicking his ass.”

Meanwhile, tactical20 speculated as to the release date:

The only Friday 13th in 2016 is in May. I’m going for Friday 13th January 2017 release date.

It’s a bit of a shame they couldn’t release this year, with its abundance of Fridays on the 13th of a month…


Turning to the achievements, and hornet1990 gets us off to a good start, by completing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. He says it got much better towards the end, before he turned his attention toward The Walking Dead – Season Two and playing the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands, both of which he seemed to be enjoying until Tesco finally delivered Fallout and gave him the impossible conundrum of what to play…

It’s a similar conundrum to that “enjoyed” by Youles and Crazy_Del, who have vowed to finish Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate respectively, before stepping out into what remains of Boston. Del has, however, managed to platinum Need for Speed in record time, and Youles has had a bit of fun with Black Ops III’s campaign and Zombies.

One person not held up on other games was Carrot381, who managed to complete the main Fallout 4 storyline, but sadly found it a little underwhelming.

I can’t say for sure, but I think that, in amidst his usual ramblings, The Lone Steven managed to complete Batman: Arkham Asylum (again?), while R1MJAW nabbed the platinum for Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations and posted his record alongside Shaggy2Dope’s claim for Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and The Blight Below.

A inferior race is back this week with the latest update to the 2015 trophy leaderboard. Head over to page 2 to see what it’s all about and how you can be counted.

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  1. Sometimes, i wonder if i need to adopt the persona of the Joker and pay you a visit, Tef to make you truely read my comments. Or maybe, cosplay as Harley Quinn and torment you.

    I completed Origins and Asylum. Now on City. Get it right! you……..

    flagernuffin! And New Vegas was mentioned in my post! God, it’s like if you disappear for a few years, your position as nutter disappears. Note to self: Work on gaining back said reputation and drive half of TSA insane.

    • Your comments are far too refreshing for a nutter. Nag every article with a debate MrYd style and we’ll soon want to send you to Arkham Asylum for the sake of our own mental sanity :)

      • That made me think of a TSA style asylum with all the banned posters as inmates. Scary.

      • Fun fact: TSA Towers used to have a Steven Zone. I’m told that it was demolished so that lord stuffypants and that named person who is editor nowadays can store their toeshoes and Irn Brus.

        Also, Arkham Asylum can’t contain me and believe me, they tried to send me there. They failed and now, i’m back as the Phantom of TSA.

        Regarding TSA asyslum, we feed banned members to Tuffcub. Apparently, he makes them do the cha-cha-cha all year long whilst throwing smutty rejected articles at them.

      • You sir, are still fondly regarded as the TSA fruitcake….don’t pay attention to all of that propaganda being paraded to the contrary :P

      • Shut up, Freezebug 2. *farts on Freezebug’s face and runs away giggling* :P

      • As suspected, still residing at the centre lol ;)

      • Did someone say my name? Because if you do that, I appear.

        As if by magic.

        Two days later.

      • He’s alive! ALIVE!

      • No I’m not. You’re imagining it.

        I would suggest seeking professional help, but if you’re imagining me, I think you’re probably beyond help.

      • Right, who do i need to decorate my bat w… oh, it’s JR that needs professional help. Never mind. *slinks off to the shadows instead of brutally batting MrYD with a bat.* :P

  2. I do have positive things to say. I think.

    What a wonderful article this was. See :)

  3. Do you still have the fastest platinum leaderboard?

    • Yup. Leaderboard will be shown next week

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