News Snatch: Just Cause 3, Fallout 4 , And Futurama
Time for yet another round up of gaming news that has fallen down the back of the TSA sofa, starting with a double whammy of Just Cause 3, which is the last ‘big’ game to be released this year.

The Australian classification has rated Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Free To Play. It may be a cut down version for consoles, or a mobile game. Konami have yet to comment on the leak.

Tweak Footwear have released some Fallout 4 sneakers which you can purchase through the Bethesda Store.

When Telltale games announced the Game of Thrones series they said it was “a multi-title, multiyear partnership with HBO.” So why is everyone surprised that they have announced season two?

I do like a nice goblin at night, it always makes me relaxed before I go to sleep, so hurrah that they are coming Total War: Warhammer!

Zombi, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC version of the once Wii-U exclusive Zombi-U, is getting a physical release in Europe on January 21st, 2016.

Good news everyone! Futurama: Release the Drones is in development at Wooga for release on iPhone, iPad and Android. The Planet Express crew will fight MomCo by solving puzzles and collecting drones.

Jade Redmond left open world maestros Ubisoft and joined EA a few weeks ago, and you will never guess what she is going to be working on. Over to EA top chap, Patrick Soderlund.

We recently hired Jade Raymond, who was behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise for Ubisoft and she will be building an action genre for us through a studio we’re building out in Montreal right now.

And Finally, Crash Bandicoot rebooted in Grand Theft Auto V.


  1. That new EA project with Redmond could be quite interesting. I bet Ubi were afraid of being too adventurous with AC which is why it became so stale.

    • She’s gone to work on a new EA ip; “Killer’s Rhyme”, a third person action/adventure game with free running and a determination to have less imagination than my school history teacher

  2. Oh god, those shoes. They are awful! AWFUL! AWFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLL! *Whips out tommy gun and shoots at the screen* Also, stop it, Bethesda. Stop trying to make Fallout everything! Fallout Beer is crap, trainers, no. Just no. Also, Vault Tec is not the only thing Fallout! There’s Roboco(which would have made more sense due to Robco producing the pipboys) there’s NUKACOLA!, there’s iconic Fallout characters, such as the Master, Arch Dornan aka the sarge that gave one of the most epic bolluckings in a game etc… Or just stop milking the franchise and focus on the mandatory patching and DLC etc..

    As for Futurama, i would use a giant long nooo but it would most likely get interpreted as Darth Vader’s no instead of that robot’s dramatic no. If you are going to bring back Futurama in game form, do it as a giant open world sandbox game or rip off Mass Effect, or a first person shooter in the style of Far Cry etc.. Not a bloody mobile game that has puzzles! And yes, i know it kinda fits the show but futurama deserves better.

    Forgot that Just Cause 3 is a thing. Damn, now i have yet another game to get when i get a PS4. Damn you 2015/6 and certain developers! My wallet is giving me nothing but pure evils now. Do hope it’s Just Cause 2 on steroids, speed and even more over the top. Oh and Ninjas! What?

    So EA wants their own AC. EA, look at the average fan opinion of AC. It is usually something about it being stale and needing a long break. Now, look at the sales of it. *sigh* you’re going to do it and milk it even more then Ubisoft milks AC aren’t you?

    I really hope by AC, they just mean a story in that style and not the same old thing every year to the point where it actually starts having less new features. I mean, look at Black Flag(Favourite AC game) and then look at Unity(Probably avoid it like the plague until i either get unlimited broadband or a complete edition). But i will admit, i am rather negative about AC due to there seeming to be a decline in quality. I personally feel that Rogue should have been the triple AAA title whilst Unity was a spin off. I mean, Rogue was fantastic but it was just an add-on in full game form. Unity was er… let’s say that even Bethesda went “Holy crap.” when the sheer amount of bugs were discovered in it. Along with the quality.

    As for a Game of Thrones, meh. Probably get the entire lot in a few years time. That and i’ve just got 2 books to read before i’ve read the entire Song of Fire and Ice franchise! :D Do hope that if HBO decides to let another developer have a crack at it, Obsidian is allowed to as i can see them doing a fantastic GOT game and probably would want the show’s writers involve or George RR Martin involved.

    And to finish off this wall of text, i shall stop in mi

    • Have you absorbed Hannes whilst she was on hiatus?

      • No. Just part of the TSA legion of incredibly long posts that serve to midly annoy certain TSA writers or write smutty jokes or have even longer replies by other members of the TSA legion of incredibly long posts that serve to midly annoy certain TSA writers. We call ourselves bob for short. Or Bobbins.

  3. a Futurama mobile game?
    let me guess, a game where you have to rebuild a destroyed new new york.

    i know, i’m a visionary, coming up with such original ideas. ^_^

    • Ah there you are. Welcome back :)

      • thanks.
        it’s good to be back. ^_^

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