A New Video Shows The Huge Play Area Of Just Cause 3

It’s the final week of big releases before Christmas and Just Cause 3 is one of the last games out of the gates. Before tomorrow’s launch the nice chaps at PlayStation Access have put together a video showing just how huge the play area is.


Developers Avalanche have also released a video showing Rico taking out an enemy base.


Source: YouTube



  1. Haven’t played much of the game at the moment but so far it’s very enjoyable.

  2. On the Bonkers Scale that second video is a 10/10!

  3. Anyone played much of this? I’ve pre ordered (which I never do generally) as love 2 so much. Getting concerned that metacritic shwoing c 4 hours to release and there’s still no reviews up there. Am I being paranoid or is this normal. REALLY want this game to get good reviews and be decent. Saying that if it’s only as good as JC2 then it’ll still be £34 well preordered I think. Can’t wait for the amazing story and voice acting second to none (ahem).

    • I’ve been playing since Saturday. Loving it so far. Pretty much JC2 with bells and whistles. I’ve not done much of the story though. Been dicking around blowing stuff up. I pre-ordered my copy from Zavvi for £32. It came Saturday morning.

      • Cheers. JC2 with bells and whistles will suit me down to the ground. Hoping my copy arrives tomorrow. JC just gives you all the toys out the box basically and lets you run wild. Exactly what a true sandbox game should be (rather than imposing fog of war on parts of the map or having to take your dog out for 14 walks etc before you can access the next stage, hyperbole but you get the gist). Bring it on Avalanche!

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