Sony Santa Monica Is Teasing The Internet

With the two hours of adverts Game Awards and PlayStation Experience on the horizon, Sony Santa Monica has peppered a number of sites with gifs of what appears to be dancing feet.

Images can be found on Twitter, NeoGAF, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit, and each link includes a animated gif.


The final image on Reddit also includes the words “Sometimes in order to…” and a quick Google reveals a number of quotes that start with that line, most of which refer to looking fondly at the past but moving forward.

The could mean that they are rebooting Warhawk, or perhaps they are going to reveal the next God of War game which they discussed over a year ago. It could mean anything to be honest, I guess we will find out soon.

Source: PSL



  1. Riverdance – The Bloodening!

  2. Yes Tuff, I hope it’s our favourite God killing, Angry cause he’s shirtless & cold, Kratos. I won’t forget your dire love for him.

    May it’s parappa the rapper remake lol

    • I like Kratos. I don’t like God of War III.

      • Enjoyed God of War 3.

        Didn’t enjoy ascension, found it a bit boring..

  3. Warhawk reboot-one can dream!

  4. People say no one buys a console for 1 game but I’d get a PS4 just for a new Warhawk game. Not sure the dancing feet points to it being that though.

  5. New Playstation Move game – Thousand Dances Across The Planet.
    Special trophies if played with the PS Eye !

  6. Is it GOD OF Dance:Uncharted OPs Beyond Storm remastering? If not, i am disappointed in GOD:UOBYSR not getting announced. The previous one had a lot of potential. Apart from the shirtless scenes with Doughnut Drake’s routines.

    Wait, it’s not that and probably GOD reboot/remastering/reboasterming/rebloodlyhdingin3d/rererererererererereboootmasteringhdin3Dandthepornisincludedaswelledition.

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