Video: Reviewing The Sun, Sea And Explosions Of Just Cause 3

It’s time to revel in the explosions and freeform mayhem of Just Cause once again, as the third game in the series has been unleashed. Check out our review from overnight for his more fully formed impressions, or alternatively, click play below to see it in action as he and I chat away.

A quick point, the frame rate dips quite often during this video, and much more so than I noticed during play. The Radeon 280X in my PC is capable of staying above 30 frames per second a lot of the time, but recent drivers have unforunately made capturing footage more awkward and prone to judder.



  1. Nice little video guys, the game looks mad fun. I think the podcast style chat with video in the background works well, you should definitely do it again.

    • It’s what we’ve done for most videos over the last two years, though!

      • Needs more bacon.

      • Oh, my mistake then, didn’t think you guys had done videos since TSA TV but then I’ve probably not being paying attention!

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