A Furniture Assembly Sim Is Coming To PS4 With Home Improvisation

The Stork Burnt Down has announced Home Improvisation for PS4, in which players can construct various furniture, and it includes online multiplayer. From what I can gather from the trailer there seems to be a house with a lot of flat pack furniture laying about, and you have to work out how to build it without instructions. Some of you may be able to relate to that kind of situation, though I don’t know if the game will have extra screws lying about once you’ve finished building.

Home Improvisation is out in 2016 for PS4.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Well that looks beyond shit

  2. Considering furniture assembly is known to make most men punch something and grunt and growl and beat up paper then berate the floor for being the same colour as that one screw, this is a bad idea for a sim. Unless it is Mortal Kombat Furniture sim then it will be medicore due to FINISH HIM being changed to AT ****** LAST! and Fatalities will be major rage quits where you beat up the item whilst screaming like a deranged killer.

    Or it’s just going to be a pile of doody doo poop with a layer of crap and a slicing of shit.

  3. I’m in as long as it takes consideration for Feng shui…

  4. Might be better to just carry on with the real life tool belt strapped up and Dewalt holstered at the ready to be fired up on Hammer action as and when passers by need impressing lol.

  5. Brilliant! I can’t imagine this selling many copies but the idea that it’s being made is hilarious. I look forward to Arse Wiping Simulator, the inevitable end of the road for the mundane sim genre.

  6. Experience the surprise and joy of discovering that you’ve mistakenly assembled a cabinet with two right-hand doors from a box that supposedly contained the makings of a coffee table.

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