White Elk Announces Eclipse For PlayStation VR

White Elk has announced Eclipse for PlayStation VR, which will be a first person exploration. The setting is a sentient planet on which you crash land, and one of the main features of the quite calm landscape are the remnants of a civilisation long past. Players are in a space suit that helps them to survive the world as the story of the civilisation that once ruled the world is uncovered.

Players will be aided by an object called The Artifact, which helps to work with the machinery and control some of the natural elements. Doing so helps players to collect fragments that put together the story of what happened on the mysterious planet. White Elk was founded by Jonathan Hawkins, a former lead level designer from Sony Santa Monica, who worked on the original God Of War trilogy at various stages.


Source: PS Blog


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  1. looks promising – i hope there isn’t too much stuff trying to kill you – i think some of the best VR experiences are ones where you just get to explore

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