PSX Third Party Games Presentation Confirms Psychonauts VR Title & Bastion Vita Release

The 3rd Party portion of the PlayStation Experience has shown a variety of games, including a new look at Armature Studios’ Dead Star and a compilation of the titles Adult Swim Games will be bringing to the PS4. Dead Star’s new mode, Escape Route, has players defending their Capital Ships against the community, whose mission is to destroy your ship to get home.


Double Fine also appeared with a new trailer for Day Of The Tentacle Remastered. Double Fine’s title will be released on PS4 and Vita on March. The studio also announced Full Throttle Remastered, as well as Psychonauts 2 for the console. That wasn’t the only Psychonauts related news as an exclusive title for PSVR was announced, called Psychonauts: Ruins Of Rhombus.

Invisible Inc will be released in March 2016 for the console, and Don’t Starve Together will be making its console debut on PS4 too in 2016. Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey will be making its console debut on both PS4 and Vita in 2016 too.  King Of Fighters XIV also made a brief appearance on stage too, and you can catch that below.

Bastion is also available from today on Vita and will be available as a cross buy title too. The Bit Trip and Nuclear Throne will also be launching today on the Vita too.  Storm Cloud Games were also present and announced a new title called Brutal, though what it will entail wasn’t expanded upon.

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  1. I would like to see more of Rain World. It might not win any awards for visuals but there’s something about the art style that i like.

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