Sony Shows Lots Of PlayStation VR Stuff Live On Stage

Ever wanted to see what PlayStation VR looked like on stage and wanted to see more games for the new hardware? Sony were happy to oblige during the PlayStation Experience.

Sony showed a tech demo created specifically for PlayStation Experience where two people took to the stage to play what looked like that Tron Disc sport. It didn’t work all that great, but as it’s a tech demo that nobody else will be playing as far as we can tell, we can forgive them for that.

The sequel to Rez, dubbed Rez Infinite a classic 3D on-rails shooter with techno vibes,  was shown off for the first time in VR. It looks as gorgeous as it ever did before, but now running at a constant 60FPS. There are also more in the way of boss battles this time around, including a running man hellbent on trampling over the avatar.

Adam Boyes and Asad Qizibash then announced a bunch of PlayStation VR titles, including Eagle Flight from Ubisoft, which for those who are familiar with the Assassin’s Creed franchise will know that the Eagle features heavily. Now you can fly as one, or part of a flock with friends.

Santa Monica’s The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. was then shown off for the first time, which is all sorts of craziness. I’d best describe it as some weird PlayStation VR version of Crazy Taxi in first person, only somehow even crazier. Horribly unsafe was the main word that Adam Boyes used and I’d agree wholeheartedly.

Job Simulator is also coming to PlayStation VR, which has a robot set you tasks that he thinks is what doing a job is. Highwire Games’ debut game is also coming to PlayStation VR, complete with creepy gargantuan looming as he stomps through a ruined city. The game is called Golem and seems to involve a little girl controlling the creature in question.

As for games that will include VR specific modes – NoGoblin, known for Roundabout, have also been 100Ft Robot Golf, a game that’s so delightfully 80’s Transformers it’s hilarious. You’re not restricted to just walking around, as you can beat on the other golfers. There’s also VR support which they’ve teased beforehand by adding it in this particular segment.

Finally we have a trailer for Ace Combat 7, the next in the jet dogfighting franchise. The trailer shows a guy who is observing a jet fighter battle. With PlayStation VR support teased, it seems like a logical fit, as you fight against many planes in the skies.

Lots of detail for PlayStation VR’s lineup today, which given how important a good launch lineup is could be a deal maker or breaker for some. What do you think of the lineup that Sony showed off today?


  1. Just gonna say, imo they all look terrible, then never comment on any future VR topics, so as not to piss people off who are hyped on it all! :-)

    • Not really sure you can judge VR from a YouTube video. The demo I saw 4 months ago with a real heatset was jaw dropping. I really excited by it.

  2. Was the intention of these clips to promote VR or destroy it? Watching this was like seeing into a future where VR has failed and all the AAA VR games we expected to play on our expensive VR headsets have been cancelled. This is what we are left with.

    I’m very interested in VR but I wouldn’t want to play a any one of these games. The eagle one looks ok at a push I guess.

    You’d think they’d want to blow people away with the tech but this was so underwhelming.

  3. Aside from Ace Combat 7, those games look awful and nothing I’d be remotely interested in.

    Give me Project Cars and EVE on VR any day.

  4. This is gonna fail big time. Not going near any of this VR nonsense. Sony bit me in the arse with the VITA, that is enough for me not to invest in these sort of projects at launch.

  5. Apart from Ace Combat & possibly Eagle Flight, if these were announced on April 1st, I’d assume they were a joke. Almost looks like they’re trying to break into the mobile games market using a VR headset instead of a phone.

  6. I know VR has to be experienced to be truly appreciated but there is nothing there that would make me want to invest in VR kit.

  7. There are two types of people; people how say they don’t like VR and people who have tried it. The problem facing VR promotion is that you have try it to get it. What would look terrible on a TV can be utterly compelling when you are inside the world. 

  8. I’m now slightly more convinced by VR, but only if I can have the Rez blokes shiny silver suit with all those coloured lights. Which, according to another site (sorry), contains 26 vibrating motors.

    I’d look like some sort of sexy vibrating robot from the future.

    (In my mind. In reality, I’d look like someone had jammed 26 vibrators into a turkey, covered it in tinfoil and left it to slowly cook for hours. Which is very festive, but also kind of disturbing)

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