Highwire Games’ Golem To Be PlayStation VR Exclusive

Over the weekend Highwire Games announced Golem at PSX, and confirmed that the title will be a PlayStation VR exclusive. The short trailer did introduce a bit of the world, but didn’t fully explain what players would be doing. Well a new post on the PS Blog has cleared a few things up. First off is that you do not control a golem but a person who can control a number of different golems.

These golems are sent out to explore ruins and search for treasures, while trying to avoid the dangers that could make the golem a part of the ruins. Not much else has been revealed about the game’s story, like what treasures are being searched for, and nor is there an expected release date. Of course that’s with all PSVR exclusive games since we don’t yet know when Sony will make the headset available for purchase.

Source: PS Blog